The First Picture That Appears When We Search India’s Top Cities on Google Images

In the past time when peoples are sending the postcard from the particular place, but it very hard to make the design for. After that, they have found the way and in postcard design, they have added locations best photos which are related to popular places, temples, ancient structures, government buildings, etc. anything. Nowadays Google facing the same problem when comes to image search. Google need to decide which place is most popular for the particular location or which place has truly described that location which people searches in Google.
India’s Top Cities, Google Images, Kochi
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We have conducted a Google image search for India's top 10 cities and collected first images of each query. These images are the mirror of those cities and human culture. 

#1 Mumbai
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#2 Bengaluru
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#3 Chennai
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#4 Pune
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#5 Kolkata
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#6 Hyderabad
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#7 Ahmedabad
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#8 Jaipur
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#9 Surat
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#10 Chandigarh
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P.S. Results may vary for each user, but to make our list as objective as possible, we used Google Chrome's Incognito mode (The queries were formulated as follows: "City, Country" or "City" and were conducted on

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