Top Five Schools To Get A Free College Education

The costs of education are constantly on an upward trajectory. Harvard University has recently conducted a study which reveals that, compared to other developed countries, the drop out ratio in American college students, owing to escalating unaffordable cost, is much higher. This shameful state of affairs in a country like USA speaks volume of planner’s failure in providing education to all segments of American society. Tuition free schools are not 100% free as most of these charge for housing, meals and college supplies. Many schools make it mandatory for tuition-free students to have jobs either in college campus or in communities. These arrangements however assist needy students immensely without hurting their self esteem.
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A lamenting fact is that college costs have risen at a higher than inflation rate for decades. The more serious issue is the debt trap many students find themselves in after graduation. Surprisingly the American system encourages students to take whatever loan they need without any concern of repayment. The average college student leaves college with $ 25000 in debt. isn’t it   a ruinous situation?.

While the above mentioned scenario is frustrating, but there still are many colleges which offer a high quality education to students without charging tuition fee. Many such tuition-free schools are committed to serve impoverished communities.

We will discuss below 5 schools, offering free tuition fee education with salient facts about each:

1. Alice Lloyd College:

This college offers tuition free education to students belonging to 108 counties of central Appalachian region. All such students who are selected for tuition-free admission are required to serve on a job for 160 hours per semester. The job opening may be provided either in college campus or local communities.

The college was founded in 1923 and offers bachelor and pre-professional degrees in medicine law, accounting, business administration and many other subjects. It has been ranked #2 in best valueschools by US news and world report. Thetuition-free offer is called Appalachian leaders college scholarship program.

2.    Barclay’s College:

This private Christian college was founded in Havilland Kansas in 1917 with a mission to prepare students in abible-centered environment. From 1925 to 1990, this college was named as friend’s biblical college. It offers degrees in pastoral education, business administration, psychology and family studies, theology, elementary education and associate degrees in biblical studies. The students who are selected are offered $ 15000 scholarship. Since school is supported financially by donors, the student receives high quality biblical education without going in debt.

Though Barclay offers many online educational programs, its 100% free education offer is limited to residential students only.

3.    Berea College:

This is a private liberal arts college and was founded in Kentucky in 1855.The college has students from 60 countries and offers 100% free education to all enrolled students. The college also offers a laptop computer to each student, which he or she can keep after graduation. Besides international students it provides education to students of all states in USA. In all, the college has about 1600 students majority of which comes from Appalachians regions of USA.
The college offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 28 disciplines. Some of the courses offered include Biology, Computer science, Mathematics, Physics, Business and communication.

Each student has to participate in college works program for 1o-15 hours in a week, in one of more than 100 available positions.

4.    Macaulay Honors College:

This college is located at City University of New York .It enrolls over 2000 undergraduate students for honors program, with a full tuition-free scholarship, which do not include fees.  Another $7500 grant is also offered to students for global research and internship programs. Thecollege also offers housing support facility to needy students.

The college requires all students to complete 10 hours of mandatory community service. This requirement is for each of the first three years. It is however worth mentioning that many students complete more than 10 hours of community service on their own. The college offers courses in more than 200 majors.

5.    Cooper Union:

This is among America’s oldest and highly notable institution for quality learning in arts, engineering and architecture. Founded in 1859, by great philanthropist, Peter Cooper, This esteemed organization offers full tuition scholarship to every enrolled student. Cooper Union is located in Manhattan New York city.

Cooper union consists of three schools .i.e. The Albert Nerken School of Engineering, the Irwin.S.Chanin school of architecture and the school of Arts.

Cooper union was ranked #1 by US news and world reports in the category of best colleges in the region (North).

Author Bio: Abraham Johnson, the writer of this blog has been teaching English to non native learners as a private tutor for last fifteen years. He is free-lance journalist also and contributes articles on educational technologies and education policy reforms to many educational blogging sites Pro Homework Help. I am a skilled creator, editor, blog creator and creative representative with clients from round the world. I focus on a wide range of innovative. I am a public college teacher with over 12 years’ experience. I concentrate on technology but have revel in teaching and tutoring in maximum topics and stages. Apart from coaching, i have been a small commercial enterprise proprietor for 6 years.


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