Creative Acrylic: Guide to creating Tik Tok videos

Tik Tok has the ability to place your content on the feeds of more people than any other social media app. This potential to reach millions of people makes Tik Tok an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. While Tik Tok may not be the most suitable platform for your goals, this significant reach is helpful in referring people to your additional platforms such as your website, blog or Instagram.  The rise of Tik Tok occurred throughout global Covid lockdowns . Without these unprecedented times, it’s likely that Tik Tok would simply not have gained the same level of traction. While everyone was trapped at home, Tik Tok was the first platform designed for fun, informative or trending videos that didn’t require expensive equipment and specialist editing, like that of Youtube. This new, revolutionary form of entertainment sparked 315 app downloads within four months - more downloads than any other social media platform in the given time ever.  The key difference of Tik Tok's algori

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