7 Coronavirus Myths Busted

Social media platforms and news articles are flooding the internet with numerous headlines related to the Coronavirus outbreak, as the virus continues to break the news for about four months. Sadly, the relentless amount of information makes it difficult for people to differentiate facts from fiction. With the outrageous rumors and misinformation spreading around the world, the wrong information is getting to people faster than the virus. All this misinformation is misleading people and creating more fear than awareness among them.
Here in the Daily Health News English, We compiled a list of coronavirus myths that are spreading through means of social media, blogs, and the internet. # Myth 1: Spraying Alcohol or Chlorine on your body will kill the virus.

Instead of killing the virus, rubbing alcohol or chlorine on your body can cause harm. Especially if the skin is bruised or cut or if it enters the mouth or eyes. Though, you can use chlorine or alcohol-based sanitizers to disinfect …
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