Which Ads Work Best For My Business Marketing- Instagram Or Facebook Ads?

Both Facebook and Instagram dominate the world of social media with their enormous user base. Many businesses and brands use to be bewildered in choosing the one that suits best for them among these two platforms. Both social platforms have their very own unique features. So, once you had an in-depth knowledge of these features, you could easily choose the one that works best for your brand.

Here we bring out some insights that could help you in making a better decision.Demographics: Before going with any social platform, the primary duty one must do is whether the platform has its target audience. Once you spot the social platform where the majority of your target audience exists, things will get easier for you. Hence, you can frame the strategy for that specific social platform and grab the attention of your prospects. Though Facebook and Instagram are the home to the majority of social media users, there is a notable difference in the demographics of these social platforms. There wer…

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