5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

Most home chefs dream of a kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, granite countertops, and overhead lighting that gives them the space and environment that they need to cook up a masterpiece. However, a complete kitchen remodel, with brand new appliances, countertops, and cabinets can cost upwards of $50,000 - not to mention that you won’t be able to use your kitchen while the remodel is happening. But there’s another solution that can give your kitchen a new look without having to give up your space completely, and while saving you money too. You can take a cue from home decorators with kitchen remodeling tips that can change your kitchen in a big way without a big investment of time or money. The key is to prioritize a few big changes, combined with small changes in what you might call a minor kitchen remodeling project, that could even appeal to potential home buyers.

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Be selective with big-ticket changes

The price tag adds up on a full kitchen remodel because you are replacing so many features at once - like a stove, countertops, sink, and cabinets. It’s not only the hefty price tag that might put you off, replacing everything at once means you’ll need to hire a contractor and have work going on in your home for days or weeks. Hello, kitchen construction zone. You can maximize your kitchen revamp by instead picking one big-ticket item, based on your wish list. Maybe you want to upgrade to a top-of-the-line stove, or you are a baker who has always dreamed of a double oven. A new sink and countertops can also make a big change and give you easier prep and clean-up options. Weigh your wishes and needs and then think about picking one big-ticket item to take the plunge.

Update your cabinets, with paint

While you might want to update kitchen cabinets as your big-ticket item, you can also update your cabinets in another way - with new paint. Taking off cabinet doors and painting them can give your kitchen a whole new look. The color you pick will depend on the new color scheme for your kitchen, and you can go bold or neutral. If you want to keep natural wood, you can also refinish your cabinets for a refresh while keeping the same look. Other options are replacing the doors completely while keeping your cabinets installed, which can be less disruptive than replacing the cabinets. You can also consider updating cabinet doors with glass, or leaving some cabinets open for a contemporary update. 

Go for light

When you are in the kitchen, the lighter, the better, so you can see what you’re chopping and cooking. Adding light can also be a way to give your kitchen a new look, by adding decorative overhead lights, or light under a cabinet. Pendant lights are one on-trend lighting source that can give your kitchen a contemporary look. Kitchens on the ground floor or top level of a home can also be updated with a skylight to add natural light that can also add a contemporary touch. 

Get new floors

Kitchens are a high-traffic area and that means that your flooring can take a beating. Another way to update, without a remodel, is by replacing your flooring. Going for lighter colored wood, or vinyl tiles can add airiness while giving you a floor that is easy to clean. Refinishing wood floors can be another option or even painting, but you’ll want to consult with your home improvement store before getting started. 

Change your color scheme

Like any other room in your house, color can be the ticket to a transformation. Even just adding new towels, a colorful toaster, putting some colorful art on the walls, or painting the space over your sink can change your kitchen. If you aren’t sure about where to begin, start with these small changes and then go from there with bigger update projects.

For people who love to cook, the kitchen can be the most important room in the house. Keeping it constantly updated is one way to be sure that you can keep the creative spark going. The great news is, even small changes can have an impact.