Importance of Digital Marketing Certification in India - 2022

Over the last decade, the globe has experienced a significant transformation from offline to online. Every individual is now online, thanks to the internet's accessibility and the availability of affordable cell phones. Every day, the number of people who use the internet grows, so the number of students studying online digital marketing course is increasing, and digital marketing certification is gaining importance.

Digital Marketing Certification, Courses, 2022

The way individuals connect with brands has changed dramatically. People nowadays choose to shop online rather than in stores, making traditional marketing less efficient.

The most important rule of marketing is to engage with your target audience at the proper time and place. With everyone spending so much time online these days, what better method to promote or sell your products to a customer than through digital marketing?

As a result, the scope of digital marketing has grown since then.

Let's look at digital marketing and why it's essential to get certified.

What is the definition of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad phrase that refers to all marketing operations that use any electronic device or the internet to communicate with a consumer. Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, and other internet marketing strategies are used by businesses.

Essential Digital Marketing Statistics (Source: Medium, Dentsu& Statista)

  • By 2022, the digital marketing sector is expected to be worth รข123,673 crores.
  • By 2022, advertising spending on digital media will increase by 34%.
  • The digital advertising sector in India is expanding at a 33.5 percent annual rate.
  • The digital advertising industry is expected to develop at 14% per year on average.
  • By 2023, India's mobile internet users are expected to total 500.9 million.
  • Digital marketing is the only industry in India growing at more than 30%.

These figures demonstrate how digital marketing will be the hottest employment option in 2021 and beyond. 

We've listed several profiles below to benefit our readers who would benefit from obtaining a digital marketing certification in today's marketplace.

The Rise of Digital as a Mainstream Platform

Thanks to digital advertising, marketers may now get many customers at a low price. Because of its capacity to reach big audiences and low cost, digital marketing has become a mainstream marketing technique.

Customers have greater control over what they see and where they see it digitally, which is not the case while watching TV or reading a print product.

With the growing digital technology, marketers may now communicate with customers in various ways, which gives them constant access to an increasing quantity of information about the things they're selling.

Importance of digital marketing certification at Digital Scholar:

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Their modules include:

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The following are the top seven features of the course that you can take advantage of:

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The Importance of Digital Marketing Certification to 


There is no doubt that digital learning marketing is highly advantageous to Marketing, BBA, and MBA students. However, students from all disciplines can profit from a digital marketing certification on their CV. Having a digital talent on your CV will help you stand out when applying for jobs in an increasingly digital world. Certified digital marketers are in high demand.

It's safe to conclude that digital marketing is here to stay, with the given exponential growth of the digital economy. Every instructor today advises their kids to learn digital skills since it will help them improve their resumes and maybe land them a lucrative job. In the digital industry, the possibilities of establishing a solid career are incredibly high.

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Marketing Professionals:

With the rise of digitization, marketing professionals must-have digital marketing skills. Importance of digital marketing certification for marketing professionals is a must. 

People whose jobs involve marketing, as previously said, can profit from mastering digital marketing. Even PR, communication, and media professionals may carve out a prosperous career for themselves.

Brands thrive in the market thanks to a traditional and digital marketing strategy. As a result, organizations choose marketing experts who also possess the digital skills that the industry requires. Marketers proficient in digital marketing advance faster in their careers and are more likely to land high-paying jobs.

Sales Professionals:

The function of a salesperson has altered as a result of the internet. Consumers have a consultative rather than transactional relationship with them. The company can achieve a thorough digital transformation only when the sales and marketing teams are digitally united. 

Salespeople must become proficient in digital marketing to create profitable income

Salespeople can improve their performance by understanding digital marketing. They can outline a buyer's path through the sales process and better understand their ideal customers.

IT Professionals:

Digital marketing isn't just for marketers; the importance of digital marketing certification and its fundamentals are helpful to those in fields other than sales and marketing. Most IT workers have good analytical skills, which are crucial for executing successful digital strategies.

Companies nowadays want to hire people who have earned a digital marketing certification since they possess all the digital abilities necessary to succeed. IT employees who contact clients regularly will benefit from learning digital marketing. They can assist in the smooth integration of companies and digital media because they are knowledgeable in IT and digital domains.

Senior Professionals:

Many senior sales professionals are increasingly mastering digital marketing to advance their careers. These seasoned professionals obtain the push to ascend the corporate ladder and earn higher pay by adding digital marketing to their skill set. 

Senior professionals are now creating positive relationships with their clients using digital technologies such as CRM and social networking. This strategy allows companies to optimize their outcomes efficiently.

Business Owners:

In this new era of digitalization, taking your business online is a must if you want it to succeed. There is no better approach to reaching out to your target audience at the right time and place than through social media. Business owners can make informed judgments and create compelling digital strategies by knowing the importance of digital marketing certification.

Apart from massive corporations, even small firms invest in digital marketing because it is far less expensive than traditional marketing methods. You create positive relationships with your customers by having an online presence. This method assists and establishes a positive reputation and increases your consumer credit.

Another reason why every company is going digital is that digital marketing allows you to track and quantify your return on investment (ROI) on every dollar you spend using an online tool. You can improve your marketing plan in real-time now that you have all the numbers at your fingertips.

Even if you choose a digital marketing agency to run your business, you must understand and control digital marketing to be on the same page with the agency.

Explore the Importance of Digital Marketing Certification in 2022

Any business plan should include digital marketing. There are more options for firms to grow their presence in India as internet penetration rises.

A surge in smartphones, mobile apps, and social media will expand the scope of digital marketing in 2022. Due to this, marketers will communicate with their audiences and customers in new ways if they are certified, digital marketers.

The introduction of AI assistants, which will help keep your audience interested, is another element that will impact the breadth of digital marketing.

To keep on top of your brand's digital presence, you'll need to be well-versed in the latest and most up-to-date techniques and technologies. If you've worked in this sector before, you may need to brush up on your skills, and if you're new, you'll need to learn a lot about digital marketing. Get digital marketing certificates to ensure you have all the most up-to-date information and the abilities you need to succeed.

What is the better route to learn about digital marketing?

As a result of the significant increase in digital marketing opportunities, numerous institutes and digital marketing organizations have developed their digital marketing courses. 

There are countless free video courses accessible on digital marketing certification, but their credibility is questionable. Unfortunately, it's no secret that degrees and certificates are given a lot of weight in India and are regarded as proof of competence. Thus the value of a digital marketing certificate grows even more.

You should also take an online course because it provides you with the same knowledge and learning but in the convenience and safety of your own home.

If you ask us, we recommend the Digital Scholar Online Digital Marketing Course, which is a three-month intense course guided by industry experts and professionals. 

Their curriculum is constantly revised to reflect industry changes. You will also receive Digital Scholar’s industry-recognized certification upon completion of the course. In our opinion, they are the most excellent online digital marketing certification school. A beautiful place to learn about digital marketing principles.

Choose the most effective digital marketing course. How? Check below:

  • Be informed of the course's purpose and the topics addressed during it.
  • Select a Comprehensive Course that includes both an updated syllabus and each Module.
  • The length of time it takes to complete the course, the kind of assignments are given, and the projects available
  • Pricing for Different Modules

Digital Marketing Certification's Advantages

Certification in digital marketing demonstrates that you have mastered a specific ability. It also implies that you are prepared to learn about the following topic while pursuing a profession in it. Some people might be interested in earning a certificate in digital marketing. Others may regard this as an elaborative effort.

Obtaining a digital marketing certification is intelligent if you want to keep up with this fast-growing business. Learn as much as you can about digital marketing to set yourself apart from the competition.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is set to have a bright future. According to the report, internet businesses were committed by 50% of the population (or 3.42 billion people).

According to our estimates, by 2022, an estimated 5.66 billion people, or 80% of the world's population, will be engaged in internet marketing.

The digital marketing sector is rapidly expanding in a world driven by technology. With a vast market size comes a plethora of job opportunities sprouting from all corners of the globe. The number of employment openings in digital marketing is continually increasing.

Career prospects in digital marketing have expanded by 600% due to the 2020 pandemic. The moment has come to venture into the digital realm.

With that, we hope this blog on the Importance of digital marketing certification 2022, has helped you realize why digital marketing certification is so vital in today's world. Please share your remark below if you have any questions.