18 Things You Need To Teach Your Daughter Today

1. Equality starts in the toy room

2. The right touch and the wrong touch

3. Feminism is not only for the oppressed

4. Be independent, and encourage it in everyone around you

5. Be selfish, if you must

6. Being alone is not a bad thing

7. Marriage is a choice, not a necessity

8. Never let anyone curb your dreams

9. Your sense of style is yours alone

10. Don't ever let a man assert supremacy over you

11. You will not be defined by relationships

12. Your in-laws are a part of your family too

13. Be fit enough to defend yourself

14. Your health is foremost

15. Don't fall prey to body-shaming

16. Your body will keep changing. And it's fine

17. Menstruation is not a virtue, it's not an evil

18. Stand up and speak up for your rights

Inspired From Vagabomb