How to Create a No-Fail Blogging System

Do you know 2 million blogs are created every single month?

But if you take a look at the no. of blogs that make money, you will find that the number is hardly 0.01 percent of all blogs in the world.

So, why only 0.01 percent of all blogs make money?

This is because the people who are behind those blogs treat their blogs as a business, and have created systems that ensure that their blogs make them consistent money.
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In this post, I will teach you the system that I use for my blogs.

Let’s get started.

Use Google Docs to schedule blog posts

Schedule post ideas for your blogs, 3 months in advance.

If you are focusing on creating timeless content for your blog, you should not be writing more than 1 post a week. This means, you should have at least 12 blog post ideas in Google docs.

This is important because you never want to spend days thinking about blog post idea. Spend a day or two in gathering all the blog posts ideas for the next three months and save days each week.

This is one of the most time saving hacks I have implemented for my blogs.

Newbie bloggers have an advantage. When people start blogging, they have great ideas. At this time, a person should jot down all the blog post ideas. I am sure, that if you will do this exercise before publishing your first post, you will have 1 year worth of blog post idea ready.

This way, you will have to write for one year consistently, and that is the key!

Some people start off well, but get demotivated in the middle and then eventually quit blogging. With this system, you will at least blog for a year before finally calling it quits, if of course your blog doesn’t do well.

But don’t worry 1 year is a decent time for a blog to get popular.

Automate social sharing

Do not spend another second in manually sharing your posts after you publish them because free automation tools are available.
Go to, enter your blog’s RSS feed URL in the source section and your social sites in the destination section.

Now every time you publish a new post, will get to know about it through your RSS feed and do the work for sharing for you.

Use photo dropper to add images to your blog from Flickr

This will perhaps save you 5-10 minutes in publishing each blog posts. Each blog should have an image besides it, since a pictures says a thousand words.

With photo dropper, you can search for images and those images would be added automatically in your blog post.

Isn't that a great time saving hack!?
So Whatever you are doing, you should be clear about it.