The Players Almost Every Time Bite Their Medals, Why?

It is Olympics time and recently while watching an event, we found something amusing.

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You all would have seen that after winning any event, the players almost every time bite their medals, like this.

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Well have you ever wondered the reason behind this??

This is actually not for showoff. It's a past practice which has now became a trademark for players and has a very unique reason behind it.

Olympics Facts, Olympics Games, Word Facts

Olympics Facts, Olympics Games, Word Facts

Earlier, when players were awarded with gold medals, it was actually made of pure gold and was not simply gold plated. The players used to check the authenticity of the gold medal by biting it. Gold, being a very soft metal (softer than tooth enamel), would leave some teeth marks by biting it. So, this practice of biting the medal allowed players to check whether it was pure gold or not.

Slowly it became a tradition. Now a days the medals the gold plated and no teeth marks are imprinted on it while biting. The players also know this but following this old practice they show their medals in such style.

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