Do You Know? Why Don't Airlines Have Parachutes for Passengers?

In order to parachute from a commercial jet it would need to be
  • In a stable altitude,
  • At low air speed,
  • And below about 12 000 ft.
There is no way 90% of passengers gonna get their parachutes and be prepared in this short time.
Why Don't Airlines Have Parachutes for Passengers
1. Each and Every Passenger Required Training

Each and every passenger requires training

 2. Door of a Plane Can not Be Opened In Mid-Flight

Door of a Plane Cannot Be Opened In Mid-flight

 3. Very Difficult to Exit An Unstable Aircraft

Very difficult to exit an unstable aircraft

 4. Parachute is Very Heavy, Very Big, Slow Down a Whole Airliner

Very Heavy Very Big Slow Down A Whole Airliner

5. A Parachute Opening in an Aircraft Destroys The Whole Fuselage

An opening in an aircraft destroys the whole fuselage

6. Weigh 8-10 KGS Each Parachute & Too Expensive

Weigh 8-10 Kgs Each, too expensive

7. And At Last, Due to This Tickets Will Become Expensive

Tickets will become expensive

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