Do You Know? Why Don't Airlines Have Parachutes for Passengers?

Why Don't Airlines Have Parachutes for Passengers

In order to parachute from a commercial jet it would need to be
  • In a stable altitude,
  • At low air speed,
  • And below about 12 000 ft.
There is no way 90% of passengers gonna get their parachutes and be prepared in this short time.

1. Each and Every Passenger Required Training

Each and every passenger requires training

 2. Door of a Plane Can not Be Opened In Mid-Flight

Door of a Plane Cannot Be Opened In Mid-flight

 3. Very Difficult to Exit An Unstable Aircraft

Very difficult to exit an unstable aircraft

 4. Parachute is Very Heavy, Very Big, Slow Down a Whole Airliner

Very Heavy Very Big Slow Down A Whole Airliner

5. A Parachute Opening in an Aircraft Destroys The Whole Fuselage

An opening in an aircraft destroys the whole fuselage

6. Weigh 8-10 KGS Each Parachute & Too Expensive

Weigh 8-10 Kgs Each, too expensive

7. And At Last, Due to This Tickets Will Become Expensive

Tickets will become expensive

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