Secrets Behind Indian Railway Coach Numbers

The number inscribed on the Indian railway coach gives you details about the coach. Like say in the coach seen in the image has number 04052

The first two numbers represents the year which the coach was manufactured. The above coach was manufactured in the year 2004.

But what about the last three numbers.

  • 001-025 : AC first class. On NER, some MG FC coaches from 2000/2001.
  • 026-050 : Composite 1AC + AC-2T
  • 051-100 : AC-2T
  • 101-150 : AC-3T
  • 151-200 : CC (AC Chair Car)
  • 201-400 : SL (2nd class sleeper)
  • 401-600 : GS (General 2nd class)
  • 601-700 : 2S (2nd class sitting / Jan Shatabdi chair cars)
  • 701-800 : SLR
  • 801+ : Pantry car, VPU, RMS mail coach, generator car, etc.

Now for the above example given in the figure it goes like this- coach was manufactured in the year 2004 and was the 52nd AC 2T Coach.

- Coaches were manufactured in ICF & RCF.Recently they were planning to manufacture at Modern COACH FACTORY.

In the above image to right side of the number 040452, W C R is written. What does S R means? Does it have any meaning?


W C R implies Western Central Railways

In the above case . WCR means the coach manufactured is allotted to western central railways.

ER means coach allotted to eastern railway and NF written on it which means coach is allotted to northern frontier.