Bored of Facebook? 10 Interesting Site Same as Facebook

Don't be surprised. Facebook is currently the most popular 'NEWS' channel because of targeted audience are too huge which catch news instantly.

Facebook not only now social media website or tech company anymore. If you have posted some photos which doesn't fit in Facebook's terms it will removed by Facebook.

But the fact is, every time you wish to know some new things through Facebook newsfeed which was created by you. So, you can only see those news which posted or liked by your friends, groups you have join, pages you have like.
Bored of Facebook, 10 Interesting Site, Facebook Alternatives
This is not about working of Facebook's algorithms but it's about that it is not possible that Facebook always give you some interesting news or things. For that you have to follow some interesting sites, where you will find some interesting in your free time or if you want to know some interesting which you are not getting on Facebook newsfeed. Check out them.

1. Stratocam: This is self-running slideshow of some of the best satellite images found on Google Maps. Just let the slideshow run for sometime and you may discover pretty and unexpected place on our beautiful earth.

2. Honest Slogans: Honest Slogans remixes iconic brands and their logos with slogans that convey what people actually think about that brand. This one can really give your some funny one-liners :)

3. Dear Photograph: Tag line of this sites tell exactly what it is "Take a picture of a picture from past in present". People here post pictures of themselves at a spot while holding old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago.

4. Solving riddles: This is an addictive website, where you are expected to solve a Riddle, based on multiple levels. You have to observe the surroundings displayed on the screen and do the necessary to proceed further in solving the Riddle! This is one addictive way to kill your boredom, so get going!

5. Experience Mt. Everest: This website is a Virtual 3D Trek to the Summit of the Everest peak. A very captivating view indeed.

6. Rich kids on Instagram: This one gives a live view of how rich ones spend their day and money as per their Instagram photos. An absolute time killer.

7. Crossfade: Be a video mixer. This site allows users to mix and match Videos with different other audio sources. Create something funny today.

8. Cracked: 'America's only Humor Site'. A must visit site. It is loaded with loads of informative and interesting articles.

9. Is it normal? : This is a community website that lets users ask questions anonymously. You get responses from others to know how they understand things and situations.

10. Lamebook: As this post started with mention of Facebook, this list won't be complete without something related to that also. This website curates everything funny on Facebook and brings out all of the embarrassing moments of people on the social network.

Hope you enjoyed this list.