5 Things Gamers Actually Don’t Need for Their PC

On the web you may find lots of answers related to hardware which really don't need for gaming PC. There are lots of points which says that some parts or hardware don't required for gaming PC. Here we have mentioned some points with which you must completely disagree or not necessary for gaming PC.

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Powerful Graphics Processing Units

If you play games like Warcraft III or DotA games you really don't need powerful GPUs. Really, you can play games on lower GPU settings and FPS rate with default GPU. But if you are a die hard gaming lover and you have money to spend you should go for to upgrade GPU.

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Powerful Central Processing Units.

Intel core i7 CPUs are not necessary for gamer who only do gaming, Intel core i3 or core i5 will also works for them. But if some coders also does gaming and also want to do some patching work on same computer i7 must have. I7 processor have hyperthreading which help to work with heavy programs like graphics editing and software editing and compiling. For RAM its depend on level of performance how smartly use your computer.

CPU Unit, Central Processing Units, Gamer PC

Random Access Memory

8 GB of RAM is enough for most of gamers, for sure, but in world there are lots of computer users or say gamers who play games and use programs parallel. Like playing games with running heavy graphics software, web browsers, etc. And when we play games like GTA V, we have to close all other programs to just play game smoothly. For that 16 GB RAM is enough at last.

RAM, Random Access Memory, 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM

Liquid cooling.

If your processor not running on very high or doesn’t run hot then liquid cooling is not require. But of you do overclocking or your CPU runs hot even on default clock speed, you need a good cooler and many times liquid cooler helps a lot. If your room size is small and air circulation is not easy for your computer you must have to install liquid cooler. Which also prevent your CPU frequent heating and also increase life and performance of CPU.

Liquid Cooling, CPU Cooling, CPU Cooler

Multiple monitors

Again, for normal gamers, this is really not necessary nor it will help the gamers. But, if you do play games which have bigger field of view it will be advantage, a wide screen setting will mostly come in handy. Or it will help if you are multitasker, having a working on different things at same time then it will easier for you to don’t have to always tab out to do something and play on other screen.

Multiple monitors, Multiple screens, multi tasking

Gaming keyboards and mice

Keyboards and mice with lots lighting never improve gaming performance. A good mouse and keyboard often offers an advantage in games (especially FPS) with better accuracy and responsiveness.
Gaming keyboards and mice, gaming peripherals

Moving on to the points do agree with.

  • Unnecessary lights. They may make your setup seem nicer, sure. But there isn’t any actual use for them.
  • Sound cards. The average gamer with no desire for higher quality audio isn’t going to need one.
  • Expensive Mouse Pads. What’s the point of having an expensive mouse pad? If a cheaper one does the exact same job.


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