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Showbox App is the first iOS app that has Movies, TV Shows and Music videos all in one place. It is available for iOS platform and devices. The best part is, it is completely free without any hidden fees or charges, without limitations all inside one app. It works as one’s own private cinema with all the latest movie titles, TV Shows and music videos as well as most popular, oldest and legendary releases. It is also easy to get the access of. For the access one will have to download the Movie Box app and enter the world of revolutionary unlimited, secure and free amusement which you can watch or listen on your iPhone & iPad, as well as download them.

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The most interesting part of this app is its feature and as it is just a new sensation of the app and service industry most people don't know about the features of it. So let’s have a discussion on the Showbox App Features that can come out very useful for the users.

No hidden costs: This is a free App to use service that does not require to subscribe for any amount of money. There are no hidden costs that might trap you to pay for a particular feature within the app.

A streaming app: Showbox is mainly known as a streaming app that displays tv shows, films, and a bunch of other entertainment, but that's not all that the app does. Showbox even allows to download the content of a choice directly to the device for storing and later viewing. Showbox is one of the most widely used streaming services in the world, so there are hundreds of user reviews and suggestions on the content available. This will make way for easier browsing and selecting what you wish to watch.

Wide range: The best part of the Showbox App is it gives its users access to a wide range of content to choose from, including music videos, informational videos, and a lot more.

Multiple support systems: It has a host of different supported formats for users' convenience. These include MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. that ensures the transfer of the contents of your choice after downloading and watch them across a host of devices.

Customizing Option: Showbox gives users the freedom to customize the quality of the video that they wish to stream or download.

User-friendly: It is an extremely user-friendly app with a neat interface. The content is divided largely into a few categories that range from Top Rated, New Releases, Popular, and New Releases. Each available content on the service comes with a short but detailed description, so even if you have no idea about what you're going to watch, this feature will make using the app easier.

Handy to use: Showbox gets updated regularly, so expect to find all the latest shows, films, and music videos on this one handy app. With the Showbox App's Order a Movie feature, you can also request the devs to add a movie that you wish to see on the service.

So hope the listed features of Showbox App will make you more intrigued and interested for this new free app that can open absolutely new vista for entertainment lovers.


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