Xiaomi MI 6 Launching With Snapdragon 835

The most noted smartphones of recent times, Xiaomi is all set to come up with its latest model Xiaomi MI6 with worldly variant features which consists of new specifications, prices, looks, and much more. With its release date still under wraps, the respective handset will possess the ‘extra’ typo-graphics which the earlier phones never had. In fact, a new details have been come into light that all the features and specifications of the all new Xiaomi MI6 will be unveiled somewhere near mid of 2017.

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Famously termed as the successor of the company's flagship handset Xiaomi MI5, the soon-to-be-launched device will most probably appear in two models. Renedring upon two versions with almost alike designs, Xiaomi MI6 will have a similarity with Xiaomi MI Note 2. Launching with two sized versions, it will possess a double-curved screen and limited colours of black, grey, white, metal, etc.

Apart from few factors, Xiaomi two best phones will have rest of other features totally different. For example, the handsets coming with curved screen with double quoting may have low RAM as compared to other handset. The curved screen with best of features may be inherited by MI 6 Pro, a better version from Xiaomi MI6. Furthermore, launching with 4GB RAM with an in-built storage of 128GB expandable memory, the following device may have physical home button along with finger-tip scanner. Retina scanner will be a part of the device, is still to be explored.

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The respective smartphone will come in three variations of which the unexplored device of Xiaomi MI6 may have 256GB expandable memory but with what specifications, size, shape, etc. could only be figured when launched officially. Currently, one thing’s for sure that the colours will be black, blue and white, coming definitely as optional. The following handsets can easily be availed from various online stores, official websites and local Xiaomi stores. Also, the company owner is looking forward to open few offline retail stores across the globe so that the purchases become quite feasible.

Perhaps with the launch of Xiaomi MI6 variations, the Chinese smartphone giant has announced to take over the revenue up by 100 billion Yuan within the next fiscal year of 2017-18. The success of 2016 with the release of latest gadgets of Xiaomi, market competition stood positive for the firm. The availability of the Xiaomi MI6 smartphones is sure to go at market ease so as to make every consumer buying hassle-free.

During a press conference held in China, few of the specifications were unveiled of Xiaomi MI6 where its key features were announced of which the most unique factor was that the handset uses Snapdragon 835 quad core processor (CPU) in a 5.6 inch screen which has 16MP rear and 4MP front dual camera along with MIUI 8 Operating System installed. It will be launched in a whopping price range of around US $500.