Social Media Awareness: How to Use Logos In Social Media?

What would people in the XXth century think if you told them something like "Have you already tweeted this news?", "God, that coconut smoozy was a real FoodPorn!", "I've pinned that awesome villa to my board" or written "SD, ILY, zzz" at the end of the letter? Probably, their first thing would be that you’re nuts or even worse. The age we live in is marvelous: we can communicate with different people from different parts of the world, and the best thing would be that we understand each other, no matter who we are or where we live. The communication has facilitated so much due to the phenomenon called social media.

How to Use Logos In Social Media, Social Media Logos, How To

We don't even think of them as of some phenomenon: for us, they have become as trivial as water we drink or bed we sleep in. However, if you pay your attention to them, you'll understand that this phenomenon doesn't only facilitate our communication but our whole life as well. It relates not only to our personal life and leisure time but also to our working life and self-development. There is no promotion for business owners without social media. They are responsible for advertising and for the brand awareness, that's why are being used as much as possible. The main component of the brand awareness is a company's logo, that's why it must be intensively advertised in different social media. Every social network has its own specific that should be considered when promoting a logo.

Instagram Logo

As you know, Instagram has recently made a re-branding in terms of its logo, improving and redesigning it. The Instagram icon has a significant influence on people. It makes them think of fashion, trends and luxury. That’s why, if you advertise something in Instagram, it will be positioned as something trendy and worth buying. Instagram is one of the easiest social networks for promoting your company’s logo. Your logo is a visual concept aimed at thrilling people. Instagram’s main target is to influence people using different visualizations, in our case: a company’s logo. In order to endorse your logo in Instagram, make sure the photos you post are of the highest quality. Your logo has to correspond with the color scheme of your profile’s photos: the visual impact will be much more effective if the photos you post stay in harmony with each other. If you want your logo to get noticed, show some creativity: use different materials to present it: everything will come in handy, starting with sea pebbles you may use to lay your logo with and ending with a picture of your logo travelling around the world. Make your logo from snow, leaves, food etc.: the more creative you get, the more public attention it will rivet. Don’t forget to include specific hashtags and filters to your photos. Also, if you succeed in working with popular instagrammers, your chances to make your logo prominent will boost a lot.

Twitter Logo

Twitter's logo is catchy and playful. The social network's concept is incorporated into the company's logo: tweets are appreciated for their terseness and quality. If you're looking for something funny, entertaining and modern, you'll go to Twitter. Use Twitter for your logo promotion, sharing information on the events you plan or special offers you give. Don't forget to include the photos of your logo into such kind of announcements along with the hashtags you chose to endorse the company. Make it exciting and engaging: your followers will appreciate it if you keep them posted with the recent news. According to the recent surveys, tweets with photos get 2,5 times more re-tweets than those without them. Make sure the pictures you take are of the highest quality. It will popularize your logo in an extensive way. What's more, engage your followers by creating opinion polls that will be related to your logo (e.g. use your logo to create a city event guide and post polls like "What concert should we visit next?" etc.). It would be a great idea to

Facebook Logo

Facebook's logo has inspired a lot of companies, especially those related to social media. People got used to checking their Facebook account several times a day at least in order to stay up to date with everything that is going in the world. The best thing about Facebook is that it enables people to choose what they actually want to read about. Facebook is also the largest weapon in your social media advertising campaign. It is the most beneficial social network for your logo promotion. It has the largest number of followers. If people don't have any Instagram or Twitter account, they can be still reached on Facebook. This social network gives you freedom and doesn't limit your abilities. To boost the popularity of your logo you must firstly create your company's group there. Update this group as often as you can to make the whole idea work. Also, you cannot add there any content of a low quality or of a poor interest: your group has to reflect your company's attitude to its clients. Your company's logo should be this group's thumbnail: the more people share your posts, the more your logo gets spread in the Internet.

Linkedin Logo

LinkedIn is considered the most trustworthy social network. Its logo reminds you somehow of Facebook but it's created purely for your business promotion. That's why if you want to inspire trust in your customers, don't forget to update your company's profile on LinkedIn. If most social networks you use to get promoted among your clients, LinkedIn extends your possibilities and advertises you not only to customers, but also to your employees (including future ones). In addition to that, it shows your competitors how successful you are. That's why endorsing your logo on LinkedIn is a great idea, especially if you want to establish it as a prominent emblem. The most helpful tool here would be a blog with some unique and intriguing information. The re-posts on LinkedIn will improve your brand awareness among all the members of your market branch.

However, if the quality of your posts will be inferior, it may be a reason of your campaign's failure.