6 Reasons to Eliminate Oils in Your Weight Loss Journey

If you are making a "not to eat" list for your diet, you may consider eliminating oils once and for all.
Along with regular physical exercise, the first thing people concentrate on is diet plans. So when you are making your plan make sure you left all the oily foods off the chart.

Don't Compromise with Health
For food lovers, this can be a tough stage as most of the delicious food are rich in oil or deep fried. So resisting from their tempted taste can be difficult for you.
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But you can't compromise with your health anymore. You should gather strong determination for avoiding oily and deep fried foods. We will try to help you in the best possible way to take you the wise decision on your weight loss journey.

We will try to help you in the best possible way to take you the wise decision on your weight loss journey.

Fatty Acids 
We make foods with sunflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil and cottonseed oil most of the time.

According to many studies, these vegetable oils can cause a threat to human body. The main structural element of these oils is the fatty acid. Fatty acid causes physiological changes in our body and leads us to deadly diseases. They contain some unsaturated harmful fats that can lead to future health related issues.

The biological name of this unsaturated fat from the oils is "Omeag-6". It can cause a serious harmful effect on human health in case of over consumption.

This unsaturated fat (Omega-6) reduces the essential fat (Omega -3) content in our body.

Another unsaturated fat known as "Trans-fat" are proved toxic in nature. They can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most vital causes of death in the present world. Over oil consumption can cause high cholesterol problem that may result in heart attack and arterial clog.

Overconsumption of oil can cause some other diseases too. Imbalance of Omega -6 and Omega -3 fat can be pretty dangerous. It can cause eczema and asthma among breastfed babies, cancer and depression.

Apart from this most of the oils mentioned above contain high calorie. It can cause obesity and make people inactive and unfit to do some hard works.

Some of the oils pose adverse effect on white blood cell and insulin. They lead to diabetes which acts as an attraction factor for many other diseases. These oils lack in antioxidants which ultimately weakens the immune system of human body. They make them prone to different chronic dreadful diseases.

The list of health hazards caused by over consumption of oil is much for vast. But you should be convinced enough by now to reducing oily foods from your regular diet.

Now, you should have a strong mindset to shift to a healthy oil free diet. But you may not want to compromise with your favorite foods all the time. I have seen many people taking a day off their diet only to lose it for all. So my suggestion would be you can act as a smart person here. You can always look for oil-free appliances to make fried foods like an air fryer that will make your favorite fried chickens with 80 percent less fat. The best air fryers can act as a great supporting hand in your healthy eating.

So we wish you best of luck in your weight loss journey and we hope health gets priority over every habit of us. As for completing the duties and promises toward our dear ones we can't take any chance with our health.

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