How to Make Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Business/Personal Brand?

Pinterest have 175m users, from that 80% are on now mobile devices, 50% users are international, and it is the source of 100b content curation and marketing ideas. There are lots of successful business running through Pinterest like Burberry, Buzzfeed, Sephora, Allrecipe, and Lot more are there. So, 100% Pinterest is important for you and your business. So, how to make Pinterest work for you/your business? How to make Pinterest strategy more effective? How to use Pinterest to promote your blog/website? For ans of all thsess question you need to follow the following steps. These all steps are for business account or say for brand if you think to use personal account as business/brand these are also useful.
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#1. Use a Template - Use template in Adobe Illustrator or if you don't know how to use Illustrator Use Canva to create eye-caching vertical images. Here i have created Pinterest graphic for this article and shared on Pinterest.

#2. Convert to Business Account - With business account you can discover more possibilities, build your brand, boost site traffic, increase in-store sales, more online actions, etc.
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#3. Use Boardbooster - With Boardbooster you can schedule pins, clean up your boards, contribute in board groups with campaigns, check pins have broken links and duplicate pins, host best boards Rank your contributors on performance, check your best performing boards, and best time to pin.

#4. SEO for Boards - Your all boards have SEO optimized title and description with eye-caching relevant keywords and must have on-boards cover image.

#5. Ask People - Ask your Facebook/Twitter friends to follow you or pin your shared stuff in your post and email newsletters.

#6. How to Check Pins from Your Site - You can check it via Replace your site with for your website. Keep in mind before this you must have enabled business account. You should check what had been pin from your site and on what boards my pins are share. This help you to identify that you’re who and where you website pins images shared and you can also check images like your which help you to brainstorm new content ideas.

#7. Niche - Follow other peoples which are relate to your interest and active in your interest area.

#8. Profile - You must have professional looking photo and add profile description which summarized your pins, interest and topic areas. Which help you in more profile discovery and will increase your follower.

#9. Pin Quality - Always pin high quality images. High quality pin images create brand and create more interest compare to low quality images. Low quality images will down your brand values and also not increasing follower and engagement on your pins.

#10. 80/20 Rule of Pinning - Don't spam your boards, your shared boards or your followers. Follow 80/20 rule of pinning. 80% pins are from other website or from other peoples and 20% pins are from your site or your own pins.

#11. Pinterest Analytics - After consider these all points you have to check how your pins will perform. You have to compare performance of pins which shared from other websites and pins which shared from your website. What is improvement after applying this points? Make case study and share with us or can send me I’ll share here with all detail case study.

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