[Startup] Graviky Labs: Making Ink Out Of Pollution

One of the few startups in the world that are into carbon capturing, Graviky Labs is the only Indian startup that has come up with an innovative way to tackle air pollution.

A developing country like ours, which has been a witness to vast technological progress since the last century - we know that the cost our atmosphere, and eventually us, have had to pay has been huge. Especially when it comes to vehicular pollution, it is soot, which is the major byproduct when a fossil fuel burns, that causes extensive respiratory problems, acute asthma attacks, and even premature deaths.
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While you can't let vehicles not emit carbon dioxide into the air, Graviky Labs has come up with a brilliant technology that they've named Kaalink, to capture carbon soot before it gets released into the air. A contraption built from materials and electronics that are heat and waterproof, Kaalink is retrofitted to the exhaust on the tailpipe of a vehicle, which captures 95% of the particulate matter without causing any back pressure. This raw particle carbon or soot is then carefully detoxified from any carcinogens and heavy particles, to then finally turned into printing ink, that they call AirInk.

The vision here is to not let the soot reach the lungs, as these fine carbon particles have a diameter that is about 1/30th of that of a human hair - and so, can easily travel really deep into our lungs, and cause havoc. This way, these harmful particles are being put to a great use in form of an ink that is being further employed in making beautiful art.
The team says that it takes just 45 minutes worth of vehicle emissions to produce one pen worth of ink. And having cleaned about 1.6 trillion liters of air so far, Graviky Labs has made countless such pens, and that to pens of various types, to try freeing us of pollution, and in the meanwhile - giving art a brand new meaning.

Website: Graviky Labs

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