How to Secure Android Phone From Virus

If you are worried about the security of your Android device, then you are thinking in the right direction. At the time when cyber-attacks malware and ransomware are the nightmares for big organizations of the world. In this scenario, as an individual, you should also be more careful about the security and the privacy on your devices. On our Smartphones and tablets, we store almost everything about us. Our personal information, Our payment details, and information about our work. You can consider your Android smartphone as your second home if someone will be able to get unauthorized access he can steal so many precious things from your home. In the case of smartphones, results can even be worst because if someone will be able to get into your smartphone then your identity, your payment details etc. can be misused. There are some preventive measures which can protect your Android device from viruses. In this article, you will find tips to protect your Android device from virus infections.
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1. Keep your firmware up to date:
Update to a newer version is not always to give your phone a new fancy look or to add some widgets. Developers also enhance the security of the operating system with every update.  So, you should always keep checking for the update for your Android device and should not delay updating firmware whenever there is an update.

2. Use pre-loaded security on your Phone: 
All the Android devices come preloaded with security and locking features. You can set a pattern or a passcode lock for your device. Even when you know that you are the only person who uses this device then to you should set a screen lock for the device. it not only protects your device from the external world but also protects your device from the execution of any unwanted an operation.
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3. Disable unknown sources:
By default, application installation from unknown sources is disabled on Android devices. For some reason, if you have enabled it then you should disable it immediately. It is strongly recommended that you should only have applications from the authentic sources on your device. If you will restrict installation of applications from unknown sources, it will help a lot to protect your Android device from the virus.

4. Read before you allow:
Whenever you install an application from the Play store it asks you for the permission to access your hardware and information. Always check before you grant permission you will be surprised to see that many applications ask you to grant permission for the components which are not at all relevant to them. So, it is always a better idea to go through the permissions and then to tap accept. This can save your critical data such as contacts messages and other details from being into the wrong hands. You can even restrict app permissions even after installing them on your Device. For this, you need to navigate to Settings>>Apps>>Permissions. Here you will be able to check which application is accessing which all areas on your device.
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5. Installing a security app:
There are so many security applications available on the play store you can choose any one of them for your device. It provides an extra layer or security to your device. While choosing best Android security apps you should take care that they should meet all your security requirements such as security of the data stored on the device and your security over the internet. A good security app not only protect you from viruses but it makes your device to run smooth by clearing junk from the device.

6. Keep checking for installed applications:
For security reasons Keep checking the list of the application installed on your device and if you find any such application about which you do not have any knowledge then uninstall it immediately. Here you will even able to find that there are so many applications which you have just installed but used just only once. You can also remove these applications to spare some more memory on the device.
This is how you can keep your Android device away from Viruses. Above preventive measures will help you to work fearlessly on your Android device.

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