How to Increase Conversions on Landing Page?

When the plan to launch landing page which has the contact form, event invitation, giveaway offers or just a blog subscription form; you must have required some points to keep in mind. Like UI/UX design, content text, details, form fields, placements, graphic images/videos, etc. For these all you have some previously done case studies or you can test it out by yourself which placements, images, text, offers, etc best work for you. Otherwise, your landing page conversion will go to dead end and your upcoming strategy which relies on that which not work as per your plan. So, let check it out which areas you must care about before launch of the landing page and how to improve conversion rate.
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1. Signup with particular clarity what you are offerings

When you are collecting emails or personal contact details via landing pages it's required to be specific and clear about that what you are offering with visiting your page and signup forms. Whether landing page is about education admission inquiry, join the event, the collection of emails, feedbacks, and giveaway offers; what they get when in return when they convert it will be more important to increase conversions.
On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. You need a main headline that grabs the reader's attention and sums up your proposition. It should be as concise as possible - Entrepreneur

2. Highlight benefits instead of discounts/offers

People psychology is loved to read benefits and get attracted. They also love to read the list of benefits if they convert. You must check out how Dropbox uses benefits with visuals and explain the story of cloud storing of your files on it.

3. Do an A/B testing on landing Page. Which is perform better

You should test your headlines, bulleted list, content descriptions, all sections positions, way to express benefits better way, etc. Keep the most important benefits and pitch headline above the fold content. Conduct an A/B testing for different banner placements, headlines and content words and placements, Long Signup Forms vs. Short, etc whatever you have an idea and you can test. Read others case studies and stories how they increased conversions.

4. Before start selling right away, Add a short video storytelling or creative story telling

Express your purpose of the landing page and why you expect to get Signup? You can express your purpose better way via Short video storytelling and visual images with better hero image and with a use of storytelling vector graphics or real images. Lots of use of images will withdraw readers from the page.  Hero image must be photo or graphic of your direct selling products or your purpose. The combination of your headlines and hero image will give you the double benefit.

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