3 Ways to Have a More Eco-Friendly Modular Kitchen

When the whole world is talking about getting greener, why should your kitchen be left behind? And besides,, who isn't a fan of clean water, a bit of greenery, and fresh air? So, let's start the eco-friendly mission from our own home before we go about doing the same for the community at large.

The modern kitchens are not like they used to make them in the good old day - sure; but we still have a lot in our hands that we can do to make the very powerhouse of our house a bit more green, and bit more beautiful. So, don't despair over the fact that we no more find cast iron skillets and such other utensils that used to last many lifetimes; because in some way the modern modular kitchens and their accessories, like a non-stick, might actually have been a boon to us. What they don’t provide in shelf life, they make up in other ways.
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So, let's look in what ways can various other features, like picking cookware, give an eco-friendly look to our modular kitchens:

Your choice of appliances can make a difference

Slowly but steadily, eco-friendly appliances are becoming a norm today. They aren’t just good for your immediate environment, but also for your wallet. Appliances like your dishwasher, which if uses less water, would need you to pay lesser money. So, it’ll be both an energy-efficient and a cost-efficient option for you.

Cooking, while saving energy

Pressure cooker - it’s such a boon to energy efficient cooking! And while most of us use it, mainly to save time in cooking, so many of us still go for other options, like a skillet. Pressure cookers are the best way to have tasty food, prepared in much lesser time, and have used as little fuel as possible. So, go for it people!

Manage your garbage!

The kitchen is hands down, the biggest producer of garbage in any home - given that, the people living in the house do cook their own food. So, why not work on managing garbage in such a way that you separate the organic waste from the rest? Not just will this be an eco-friendly option, but the compost created by that organic waste can be used to build your very own kitchen garden! It’ll add to the freshness and beauty of your cooking space on so many levels! So, manage and recycle your garbage from the kitchen!

Therefore, in just these three of the many ways out there, you can have an organic, beautiful-looking, and an eco-friendly modular kitchens in your hands! So, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Great tips. The new eco-friendly, energy saving appliances are really useful.

    I think having your own compost heap, or if you're lucky, living in an area with kerbside food waste collecting is one of the main things to reduce waste. I like those bokashi compost bins - super efficient!

    And I guess, the whole reduce, reuse, recycle advice never gets old really. Cook from scratch, use up everything, don't buy more than you need. It's trite but true!

  2. I liked the concept of Eco friendly Modular Kitchen very much, though I heard it for the first time here. I will for sure implement it at my new apartment where I am shifting this Christmas. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful tips!


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