How to Get the Best Results of Your Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent bicycles provide a comfortable way to exercise and keep fit. These machines are ideal for anyone with a hectic work schedule and unable to attend a gym or for anyone who prefers to get a workout from the comfort of their home. They are designed, so a user is sitting lower to the ground with their legs out in front of them - rather than a typical bicycle that lets you sit with your legs below you. Here, we shall look at how to get fit by using a recumbent exercise bike.
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By regularly working out on your device, you will burn calories, tone your muscles, and have increased energy levels. Home cycling machines consume an average of 600 calories per hour! If you combine these results with healthy eating and adequate sleep, you will achieve your fitness goals in no time. Be persistent - do not work out for a week then stop as this will not allow your body to adapt to the new routine.

How to Get Fit by using Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you want to get a healthy and active body, then you need to incorporate exercise, healthy diet and sufficient sleep in your daily routine. A major benefit of owning a recumbent bike is that you can work out regardless of the weather outside. This exercise also allows a user to be in complete control over their workout intensity and duration. Let us look at some things to take into consideration if you want to get fit using a recumbent exercise bike.

Cycling workouts exercise your upper and lower body. Exercises conducted on a recumbent bike will work on rhomboids in your shoulders, last in your lower back as well as trapeze in your upper back. Your upper body will be stronger-you will have improved posture as well as reduced back pains. This machine also provides a great workout for your abs and pecs. Your lower back is what benefits the most. Because you are using your legs to cycle, your leg muscles get a great workout during each session. You will have amazing looking glutes and very strong legs. Studies also show that working out your lower body helps burn calories faster. So how do you achieve this fit body while using a recumbent exercise bike?

If you are after a toned body and healthy muscles, you need to incorporate fast-paced intervals and strength moves into your session. This way, you will have tons of fun and at the same time improve your body's endurance, building muscles, and burn off fat. Now time to strap in.

Stretch-also known as Strength Moves

Just like any other workout, it is important to stretch your body before jumping on the machine. Some great stretch or Strength move exercises are;

Air Squats-Stand with feet spread apart, extends your arms straight out, palms facing down. Squat down, sending your hips backward as your knees bend. Make sure your chest and shoulders stay upright, use your heels only to drive back to standing position.

Shoulder tap-Do a push-up, and when your body is still raised, tap right shoulder with your left hand then left shoulder with your right hand.

Adjust Seat

Most people tend to jump on and begin cycling at an awkward position. Take your time and adjust the seats to a comfortable position for your body frame.

Warm up

Keeping a moderate pace, cycle for approximately 200 meters. This will give your body a chance to adjust as you continue to fasten your pace. Instead of cycling vigorously throughout, pedal at a steady pace for 5-10 minutes. Do not dive right into mad cycling as your body will tire out faster.

Pick the right resistance

One great thing about these devices is that they allow you to choose a resistance level that you prefer.

The Pyramid workout

Now it is time to dive into an intense session if you want to get fit using a recumbent bicycle.
  • Cycle 100 meters at a fast pace (push as hard as your body can).
  • When you reach 100 meters, stop and perform five air squats, five walk-outs, and five shoulder-tap pushes (these exercises are also known as Strength Moves-refer to section above)
  • Strap yourself back on immediately and cycle for another 200 meters at a breakneck pace.
  • Stop again and perform ten strength Moves-note that they are increasing with every interval. 
  • Get back onto your recumbent bike and at a fast pace, cycle for 300 meters. 
  • Increase your strength moves to 15 performances
  • Back you go onto your bike and cycle 200 meters, fast 
  • Off you go and perform ten Strength Moves-now, start decreasing number of steps.
  • Back on for a final fast-paced race and cycle 100 meters 
  • Perform five Strength Moves.
Cool Down
  • Cycle for 400-500 meters at a recovery pace for about 2 to 3 minutes
  • And you are done! Simple 20-minute workout but highly intense and results will be visible within no time.
  • Keep Proper Posture
  • Remember to keep proper posture during your workout

Final Thought

Recumbent exercise bicycle will do wonders to your body, and these workouts have a secret perk - they perfect your posture as well. Because most of us are hunched over desks all day long, these exercises will wake up all those muscles in your back. Next time you are looking for an alternative to spinning, or rowing, consider purchasing a recumbent bike to keep your body fit.

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