It’s all about Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting is a type of hosting in which a server is completely dedicated to one individual or organization, such as a single website. This type of hosting is completely opposite of shared hosting where only one server is used by multiple clients who share the resources of that server along with other users. Dedicated hosting or a dedicated server can be set up in-house or can be externally used a service from the hosting provider. Dedicated Hosting packages come along with dedicated resources like storage, computer memory, and operating system.
dedicated hosting meaning, dedicated hosting server

There are different types of dedicated servers and here is the list:

  1. Managed Dedicated Server - The hosting provider manages, maintains and monitors the client’s server without any responsibilities on him.
  2. Unmanaged Dedicated Server - Here the client needs to take care of his own server and the hosting provider will only provide storage and security.
  3. Basic Dedicated Server - When a client needs a dedicated server but with the only a limited amount of storage space, RAM and CPU.
  4. High-end Dedicated Server - In this type of dedicated server, the client will receive high storage capacity and maximum RAM and CPU for good performance of his website.
  5. Bandwidth Dedicated Server - This dedicated server provides the highest bandwidth possible through a server to the client’s website. Ex. YouTube
  6. Application Dedicated Server - Clients who host applications are able to host multiple legal applications on this server.
  7. Database Dedicated Server - Clients who run databases like MYSQL or MS SQL generally need this type of server. A very high-end customization is required in the dedicated server to run these databases.
  8. Server Mirroring Dedicated Server - A dedicated server is mirrored into another dedicated server by those clients who do not like to lose any data in any case. The mirrored server has the same RAID setup and both the server are synchronized so that it can move the data seamlessly and act like the original server.
There are many benefits which are associated with dedicated hosting if one selects it for their hosting needs.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits:

1. Customization according to your needs
Dedicated hosting provides the certain ability to the users in a way where they can freely make use of this service without specific limitations. As the entire server is provided to one client, the hosting provider ensures that the service is tailor-made according to the customer’s needs. The client can choose from various operating systems for the dedicated server along with storage capacity, RAM, and CPU.

2. Always Up and Running
Customers who visit any website aren’t used to waiting for it to load or display the website content. Slow websites and downtime causes huge customer loss and probably enables your site visitors to move onto your competitor's websites. Dedicated hosting offers high performance and availability so that your website does not face any downtime and your business does not suffer. Some hosting providers continuously monitor the support a client is receiving in order to smoothly run your website.

3. No Congestion
When a client has a dedicated server, the issue of server congestion is not a problem compared to other types of hosting options. In a shared server, clients who are sharing the server often face problems related to congestion due to increased traffic and usage among other users due to sharing of disk space, bandwidth, and CPU usage. Thus, dedicated hosting ensures that you get full resources for your website at all possible times.

4. Secure Platform
A user of a dedicated server is able to install firewalls on the dedicated platform which can be according to their needs while staying secure against online vulnerabilities. Servers located on the hosting provider's premises also offers additional physical security through security guards.

5. Support
Clients who use dedicated server usually host mission-critical applications which are very important to their business and so they need a certain level of dedicated support. On time support ensures their business runs smoothly without any disruptions.

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Facts about the dedicated server and some things to consider:

  1. There is a different type of operating system which can run on a dedicated server like Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Debian and Windows OS.
  2. The most expensive type of hosting among all hosting options is the dedicated hosting. As one single user is dedicated to the entire server, it becomes expensive for the user to pay for the entire hosting package.
  3. For higher bandwidth needs, a dedicated server is the best option because it can provide high bandwidth to load heavy websites and guarantees proper uptime.
  4. In comparison to other hosting services, the only dedicated server provides the highest stability, scalability, performance, and reliability for websites who have high traffic.
  5. A dedicated server can prove important and secure for an organization who deals with sensitive transactions over FTP and SSL. As there is only one website on one server, you are provided with topmost security to carry out successful transactions.
  6. When you are using dedicated hosting, you will be provided a unique IP address, unlike shared hosting which has one common IP for multiple clients.
  7. As you have complete control of your dedicated server, you can easily make administration changes to your website.
For a business that has an e-commerce website, dedicated hosting is the best option because it provides a safe IP address for online transactions. There are much cheaper hosting alternatives in the market but a user whose needs are not defined by allocated resources should definitely opt for dedicated hosting.


If your website needs its fair share of resources to make the most impact in the market, then it is essential for you to choose a hosting package which suits your needs. There is a customizable option for a dedicated server which is tailor-made for your needs and you don't have to compromise with your business. Dedicated server has a lot of benefits as compared to other hosting options.


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