Beat the Arthritis Pain & Inflammation by Making These Food Choices

Since time immemorial there have been continuous research and development on how to combat the problem of arthritis. With time and age, the bones, immune system become weak and more vulnerable to inflammation. Arthritis is one such problem that targets your bones and joints. With arthritis performing even the simplest of the tasks like opening a tightly closed jar or taking a few minutes’ walk will become really difficult for you. The stiffness and the pain in your joints will get worse with the passing time and you need to save yourself from this problem in the easiest way. As arthritis is a lifelong problem and you definitely would not want to inject and consume strong medicines to cure this disease then the best approach would be to treat it with the natural products.
Beat the Arthritis Pain & Inflammation
Although there is not a perfect solution or medication for it but definitely a few precautions have been found out that can be taken in order to lead a life free from arthritis. By making the right food choices and doing certain exercises the bones, immune system can be made stronger so that the inflammation can be fought easily. You can try certain foods that will help you by working on your overall health, body and help you fight the symptoms of arthritis and also the pain, inflammation caused due to it.

Let us first understand what arthritis is?

It is the condition that leads to the inflammation in the joints of the body. There are many different kinds of inflammation that can take place in the joints and each kind of inflammation effects the joints in different manner and intensity and the most common out of it is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the condition of the joint when the tissue that acts and works as the cushion between various joints gets worn out. When the tissue acting as a cushion gets worn out then the joints which were earlier not in touch now get rubbed more often against one another. This condition leads to the feeling of stiffness and pain in the joints and also limits the mobility of the person suffering from it.

Reasons that lead to the problem of arthritis in people:
  • Family history or genetics
  • Injury
  • Infections
  • Faulty diet
Certain foods that can help combat the problem of arthritis

A little diet modifications can help you in many ways by reducing the symptoms. Irrespective of the type of arthritis you have got just make a few changes and it will help you in fighting your pain and help in increasing your mobility.

Foods that you need to regularly include in your diet for getting results:

1. Beetroot

It is a super rich source of nutrition and the most healthiest and natural source of vitamin A, C, iron and calcium. The best part is that it is not only beautiful to look at but also superbly beneficial. The whole part of the beetroot can be consumed and nothing needs to be wasted. The roots of the beetroot are nutrition packed and have the right combination of minerals, vitamins and phosphorous that helps in building the bones. You can consume them daily as they are low in calories and work great in curbing the dessert cravings. There is the presence of this strong ingredient named as betalain in them which are great anti-oxidants and by consuming them together they help in relieving the knee discomfort to a greater extent. Use them in salads or soups, cooked, roasted or maybe steamed they can be enjoyed in a number of ways whether hot or savory. 
Beat Root
Some other advantages of consuming beetroot are:
  • Weight loss
  • Nature’s Viagra
  • Brain and Energy Boost
  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Anti-oxidant
  • High blood pressure

2. Ginger

If you have arthritis then ginger is here for your rescue. The compounds found in ginger are similar to those found in various anti-inflammatory medications. So, the benefits that you will be getting after eating ibuprofen and aspirin you can get the same by consuming ginger in your diet. Not to forget ginger is much better in every way!

3. Cherries

Cherries in the form of tarts or even the raw ones are great for giving relief from inflammation. They are packed with anthocyanins which are known to be more effective then aspirin. In case of getting inflammation in the gout you must start consuming 50 cherries daily so that the gout attacks are reduced.

4. Citrus Fruits

Fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C which will help in the synthesis of the collagens and not only this but it also helps in repairing the ligaments, tendons, the bones. You can totally rely on citrus for your health if you are suffering from arthritis.
Citrus Fruits

6. Oily Fish

Eat fish like tuna, mackerel, salmon to reduce the overall inflammation issue of the joints and you can also ease the pain that is caused by inflammation which is due to arthritis. Fish is loaded with the goodness of omega 3 fatty acids and they are great for reducing the inflammation and they also reduce the oxidative stress in the body.
Oily Fish

Author Bio: Rohit Bimbrahw is currently working as the Project Manager at Home HealthCare Shoppe; the medical supply extension of Port Coquitlam’s Wilson Pharmacy. At Home Healthcare Shoppe, we believe that with great health and wellbeing, anyone can live a fun and purposeful life.