Are You New To The Concept Of Newborn Photography?

Have you always loved how beautiful are the pictures with those little newborn babies in them but just not sure about the approach to make pictures look outstanding and just so perfectly beautiful.
Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is obviously tricky and challenging as you do not have mature subjects who can work, look and act according to how you want them to. You need to be extra careful with the things you are doing, place you have chosen for photography and the equipment's you are planning to use. Let us understand this not so easy task in a few simple tips and tricks by discussing what all you need to be prepared with in order to carry the whole job easily.

Before we even jump to the basic requirement for a photo shoot we would want to enlighten the new parents about when is the right time for a photo shoot?

Well, the right time would be within the first 15 days when the baby is born! Why? Because, during the first two weeks the baby stays in a curled up pose, just like the picture displayed above and shortly after that time, the newborn will start losing those initial days’ curly poses. So, allowing a weeks’ time or a little more to the baby and the new mother to get habitual to the new life, then after that newborn photography session can be done.

Camera Equipments

Just like any other professional photography session DSLRs work the best for taking the pictures.
Cameras you are planning to choose must have a high ISO range.

Prefer taking the mirror less systems as they will create any disturbance if the child is sleeping and the entire photoshoot can be done really silently and smoothly.

The camera you are planning to use for the newborn photography need to have various range of shutter speeds and ISO. As you cannot put babies under harsh bright lights therefore your camera lenses need to have wide range of ISOs and various options for selecting the shutter speeds as it will help in low light photography.

Props and accessories

Be a little creative with the props and all the accessories you are planning to choose as the whole concept of newborn photography is to make the pictures look super cute. Use props like blankets, baskets, crates, baby bicycles, balloons and towel

Apart from what you are planning to do what is more important is to understand what your client is expecting you to deliver. Sit and discus with the parents what do they want and how are they picturing their baby

Select the theme (lifestyle or posed)

Posed sessions are the ones which need to be done immediately and within the 2 weeks of the birth of the baby because in the early days the baby’s body can be easily molded. The focus in the picture remains to make the baby look perfect all wrapped in blankets, headbands, hats and wraps. The session could last for a few hours depending upon how many times the baby is fed. The arrangements should be made perfectly prior to everything even before the baby reaches the location of shoot.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography

In this the approach is casual. The natural images should include the baby and the son. The session here can take up to 6 weeks and can even last for up to 2 hours. In lifestyle photography all the natural and raw emotions are captured in the frame

Are you prepared for the photo session at the client’s place?

Make a checklist and make sure not to miss anything. It is really challenging for the newborn’s mother to soothe and calm down the newborn and when the baby is all settled you have to make sure that you wind up doing all the things. From setting the props, to setting the environment including the background, the lighting etc. everything needs to be pre decided and has to be performed in a very short time.

A little guide for you on the preparation that need to be taken care of:
  • The main camera as well as the other backup camera
  • Formatted memory pictures. So, that the old and the new pictures do not get mixed up
  • Different lenses
  • Kids toys to distract the newborn babies
  • Beanbag for the newborn
  • Clamps and the backdrop stand
  • Portable and light room heater
  • Stepping stool
  • A bobby pillow that will help the baby pose
  • Pads that are water proof to avoid messing the space
  • An extra pair of clothing for the baby to change
  • Props like baskets, buckets, crates
  • Big, beautiful and colorful backgrounds to be used to brighten up the pictures
  • Small colorful fluffy blankets
  • Rubber bands, clips, headbands

Soft knee mat for the kneeling comfort

Great pictures are the outcome of the great efforts put in by the photographer and that consistent efforts can be only put if the photographer is comfortable. Always carry kneeling matt with you which are nicely cushioned for your comfort and ease.

If you are at the client’s home then it is not necessary that all the pictures will be taken in a single room. You might have to carry the baby to the garden or to different places with different light setting. So, everything has to be pre-planned.

Therefore, do the settings in advance, get ready with all the gears, equipments, props, accessories. Also, make sure that the things or props you are planning to use are properly washed and cleaned for the baby

Author Bio: Lisa K Cheney is an entrepreneur; owner of Lisa K Photo. She is a professional photographer believes Photography adds a luxury to your already flawless life and her vision is to offer others the soulful, pure and fresh piece of art.


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