Vinyasa Yoga Physical and Emotional Benefits

With the evolution of the ancient art of yoga, it branched out into several variations. Vinyasa yoga is one of them and emphasizes on rhythmic breathing while switching poses. "Inhale, exhale and inhale again," is the repetitive phrase you’ll hear during your whole vinyasa class. Roughly translated, the word Vinyasa means "an arrangement of something in a special way." In this case, things are yoga poses.
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The traditional yoga practice differs from Vinyasa in the flow of the body between different poses. You hold each pose for a maximum of ten to twenty-seconds and move on to the next one while coordinating your breath. Even though twenty may seem like a short time window to hold a particular pose, the benefits of vinyasa yoga are tremendous. Read on to find how beneficial it can be, both physically and emotionally.

Physical benefits of vinyasa yoga

Typically, you should hold each yoga pose for ten to twelve breaths, stretching it all the way to three minutes to gain all the benefits. You cannot hold vinyasa poses for that long though. However, as you repeat the sequence of postures and hold them for a certain amount of time, you’ll gradually accumulate the seconds on the clock for each of them. Thus, you don’t lose out on any of the advantages of performing traditional yoga. Listed below are some of the physical benefits of performing Vinyasa yoga.

Makes the body flexible

Performing yoga in any form increases flexibility, and vinyasa yoga is no exception. In fact, practicing vinyasa yoga might develop higher flexibility than other variations due to its emphasis on the constant flow of the body. As you indulge in the demanding flow, you’ll improve your range of motion in most poses, and boost your muscles due to the refreshing stream of oxygen with each breath. If your daily routine includes sitting at a desk or lying on a flat surface all day, Vinyasa is the best method to escape the monotony of your schedule.

Corrects body posture

Many of us often lead a sedentary life and have a wide array of posture problems like anterior pelvic tilt or an arched back. Improper posture can affect us emotionally by gradually diminishing our energy. Vinyasa yoga emphasizes the attainment of the perfect form of each pose throughout the flow. Thus, each of the stretches acts on the skeletal system of the body and improve the overall posture of the body.

Burns fat efficiently

The stretches in various vinyasa yoga postures target different body parts which store fat. For example, a waist twist can help you in getting rid of stubborn love handles and belly fat. Also, when you hold your breath, you flex your abs in this process. The tension created in the abdominal region will help you achieve a solid ab definition, which you can flaunt anywhere.

Works on the body’s strength training

Vinyasa yoga also works as an efficient strength training mechanism and helps in developing lean body muscle. As you progress deep into Vinyasa yoga, each of those arm twists, backbends, inversions, and stretches will become easier to perform with increased strength and endurance. You’ll begin to realize that the overall sequence targets all the muscles in the body, making it a perfectly balanced workout regime.

Expands the lungs, increases their capacity

Rhythmic breathing and taking a breath while switching between different poses stimulate the lungs to expand. Each pose requires you to utilize the whole of your lung’s capacity for its proper completion. Thus, performing vinyasa yoga increases your overall lung capacity and significantly increases stamina.

Detoxifies your bloodstream

When you practice vinyasa yoga and aim for a rapid switch between postures, you generate a lot of heat in your body. This heat, in turn, cleans the thick and impure blood running through your vessels, making it thinner. Further, a smoother flow of blood increases its circulation all over the body. Since the vinyasa practice affects the body as a whole, you get a full-body detox by doing it for over thirty minutes.

Emotional benefits of vinyasa yoga

Improves concentration and focus

In a rapidly changing world, people often tend to have hectic schedules in a fast-paced work environment. To cope up with the changes happening in such a workplace, one needs to have immense concentration and focus on the tasks they have at hand. Vinyasa yoga can significantly help in improving these qualities.

It is a known fact that any rhythmic repetition of a sequence develops the mind’s ability to focus on the pattern. Moreover, you need to concentrate on comprehending the current stage of the sequence and move to the next step accordingly. Vinyasa yoga reinforces this sequence through its repetitive nature, thus improving overall cognitive functioning.

Decreases stress

When you focus on the breathing part of vinyasa yoga, you’ll feel de-stressed and have new energy for life. The oxygen you inhale in each breath rushes to your brain and negates all evil thoughts present in your mind. Moreover, if you add some Indica strains to your pre-workout supplements, you can feel highly relaxed after the whole session. Cannabis is popularly known to relax and spare muscles, which will surely ease the switch between those twisty postures.

Helps you make better choices in life

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There is a certain feeling of accomplishment in completing any workout satisfactorily. Your mind feels relaxed, you don’t feel any burden weighing down on your shoulder, and you have clarity of your thoughts. Additionally, you are more alert to your surroundings, which contributes the most to adopting a healthier lifestyle. The healthier your choices are, the better you’ll feel each day, which will help you in leading a happier life.


Yoga is the premier choice of an exercise when you want both physical and emotional benefits from it. Vinyasa yoga is a variation of yoga which augments the benefits by inducing a repetitive pattern along with a smooth flow. If you’re aiming for a pumped-up body by doing yoga, you can supplement your yoga sessions with steroids from the steroids Canada website.