How Contests on Facebook Elevate Your Brand Recognition?

Facebook Contests

Facebook Contest is an essential source for Entertainment Marketing Assessment to find the audience engagement rate. Millions of people and Businesses connect on Facebook; Contests help to build a bridge among your targeted customers by interacting with the people interested in your service. You can get the active customers by overwhelming your business drive in your audience by running contests on Facebook and giving something away. To attain better results, you can go through paid promotion by purchasing Facebook followers from Flymesocial available in the market for profile endorsement. A Facebook Giveaway helps to generate immediate traffic, increase your following, and create a large number of leads.
How Contests on Facebook elevate your Brand recognition

Benefits of a Contest on Facebook

Every business owner is a promotion builder, probably focusing always on getting new likes and fans for their Business. Getting fans is one of the benefits of hosting a contest on Facebook. Establish the contest based on your business goal with the estimated expense depends on the brand.  You can get a tremendous reach for your brand at less cost within a short period of promotion. The primary contest to run is a giveaway. People are admired by a desirable prize and let them act on your choice. The action can be as simple as scattering the likes or as concentric as producing a video.

BeardBrand conducted a seven days contest on BeardOil product, and it has done as well. They generated excitement about the brand using well-framed content and posting the videos and images to the fan page received better responses quickly.

Choose your Contest type

Every Business must concentrate on the kind of contest they implement based on the targeted goal. You expect a contest with a high entertainment factor to showcase your brand's personality. You need to set a contest idea in types for your business nature. The main objective of running contests on Facebook is to get new Subscribers and Sales Leads for your Business. It isn't effortless sometimes to come up with a Facebook Contest Ideas; an idea must be in a form to captivate your audience and make interested people generate leads on the products you sell. There are different types of Facebook contest ideas you have to define with.

#Instant Game Contests
#User Generated Content Contests
#Fan Vote Contests
#Quizzes and Assessments
#Instant Game Contests

Instant game contests offer an immediate conversation with your fans instantly and make them engage automatically if they know already. That experience will last in participant minds and highly memorable. You can make the contest easily that require to submit basic information to qualify by your fans and many tools available for it.

#User Generated Content Contests

The user feedback about your brand is highly valued than the other credits. It rates at the top for the audience to have considerations on the launched product. The user can share their experience on what products they love with their friends under no cost.  A voting contest of your products helps to get a high spike on your brand visibility. You can try hosting a contest with comments given by users as fans submit images, videos, and feedbacks for which other fans vote on the winner.

#Fan Vote Contests

The fan page contest helps your followers to get post their ideas about your products. This will make your audience feel valued. You can ask the fans to have a prediction about upcoming products, features, and views of your brand. Getting feedback from fans will increase engagement as it utilized fan submission.

#Quizzes and Assessments

This contest is workable by including a fun factor to engage existing fans. One of the main reasons people like quizzes is to participate in promotions. This is one of the ways to create buzz around the campaign. Pick the winners based on the assessment criteria and list in your blog info to increase user intervention.

The Top 5 Important Contest Apps in 2020

1. Heyo

Heyo is a social contest platform to run group deals. It is pinned to the top contests due to the platform is simple, adorable, and intuitive to use. It has very simple pricing. It offers a full-featured free trial over seven days. Its contest technique highly focuses on building your email list, and it has a higher ROI magnitude than others.

2. Wishpond

A Wishpond is an incredible app for all contest type helps building an adorn campaign in a moment with several templates for better promotion. It allows you to create Facebook, Google, and Retarget Ads from its segment. Highly benefited from the lead generation process with the best service cost and helps in reports and analytics information of your contest.

3. Shortstack

It is featured as a go-to tool for running Facebook contests and one of the most comprehensive creators with several forms. It helps to promote your contest using QR codes, also run campaigns in parallel across different countries with formatted contents based on locations and gives more control over your campaign.

4. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse acts as an avid Facebook advertiser works smartly in their reporting system. Is has a centralized Facebook management and analytics dashboard and enables you to set up Facebook contests easily. It is smarter than the above two ones, Wishpond and Shortstack. It has a competitive price for high features, you could get more benefits from a good CRM.

5. WooBox

At last, we have WooBox, a popular option for running Facebook contests. It also similar to Wishpond can create Facebook ads directly from your woodbox account and has a good selection of different promotion types are compatible price based on Facebook audience size and pages.

Note: The contest builds the best way to increase engagement in your Business when it's done properly. When your business page attains new and relevant fans gradually supports to increase comments, shares across the different networks to withstand your brand constantly.

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