Are Private Schools Only For The Rich And Famous?

It goes without saying that private schools are one of the main reasons we have exceptional education and amazingly intelligent people. Private schools are very beneficial if you want strict and intense schooling that is likely to open many doors throughout your life.
Are Private Schools Only For The Rich And Famous?
However, to some, private schooling just isn't an option. Because of this, they are left only to resort to public school education. A very beneficial system, if the child is wanting to succeed within this education system, they will have to put in the extra work, as the privileges of private school are only a part of imagination in that of the public.

There is an ongoing debate when private schools are brought into the conversation; ‘only rich kids go to private school, which is why they do better than everyone else’. It is most likely that we have all been in the presence in one of these talks. But, if you haven't, welcome aboard. This is what we will be discussing today.

Its time to settle the debate, and really get to the bottom of the common stereotype of the wealthier individual and work out why private schools are, or are not, just for the rich and famous.


teachers of a private school
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The teachers of a private school work extremely hard in ensuring the children attending are taught to the highest level and leave with both options in their pocket, and the grades to help them excel far above the rest. Likewise to a public school, the teachers try and ensure the best education possible, with the resources they are given. And while the facilities at hand are helpful; a child is the one who controls the immensity of their education, and the boundaries they can overtake to succeed.

Unfortunately within this day and age, not everyone has the same opportunities, there are so many different backgrounds and everyone is brought up differently. This is a factor in private schooling. Due to the rate of inflation, the private school pricing is far above barbaric and many parents just don't have the wealth fare to back it up, so their children result in going to a public school.

Similarly to this, the children may just not have the interest to commit to such an intense education such as that at private schools; so to save money, public school is good enough and the better option.

This links to the career aspirations of the attendees. If they would like to pursue a serious and unique job such as a marine biologist or doctor, then receiving a private school education could be extremely beneficial, and may help them get into better universities easier.

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If the child wants these same career paths however attend a public school, it may be a slightly more difficult journey and they will have to fight harder for positions in the best universities and jobs, but it is still possible to achieve, even from public school education.

Surprisingly, not every university is swarmed with private school students like many would imagine. Popular universities such as Oxford and Cambridge having an average of about 40% of students being from a private school. This is then leaving the additional 60% makeup of public school students. Now, I would say that this is somewhat proving that you do not need to be rich to do well in school?

Although, I will proceed with more evidence.

The rich and famous that attended private school

It is fair to say that a majority of people we see on our screens, in the media or on the news in this generation, attended a private school in their youth. The stars who were originally the students range from musicians to actors, even to presidents.

For example, the 35th president of the United States, Mr. John F. Kennedy was a private school student in his prime. Brought up within wealth, he attended the canterbury school in Connecticut. This was a catholic boarding school in which he attended from the 8th grade. He then proceeded to go to Harvard college then Princeton university- all before he was elected for president (where he ran for 3 years) before his assassination in 1963.

Another extremely successful person who was brought up within wealth was Mark Zuckerberg. He studied at the Phillips Exeter Academy private school before graduating on to study at Harvard University. Zuckerberg hit his rise to fame when he and 4 other friends created the social media network ‘Facebook’. I'm sure you have heard of it right?

He (with help) created the billion-dollar project in the confined space of a dorm room, not knowing he would obtain a net worth of around $35.1 billion dollars within years of the app's debut.

The rich and famous that attended public school

On the contrary to this, there are also some exceedingly successful people that attended public school education.

For example, it is likely Ms. Oprah Winfrey rings quite a bell? Well, the top tier media mogul studied at various public schools around America due to moving home various times. She then attended the Tennessee State University where she studied performing arts and speech/communication. Oprah Winfrey is now worth $3 Billion dollars and is granted as one of the richest black women in America.

In addition to Oprah, he is a man who actually worked at Mcdonalds when he was 16 and studied at a normal, basic public school.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon now has a net worth of $138.8 billion dollars. Yes, even more than the two private school students above. He was raised in Albuquerque, where he was extremely unique and had a NAC for computers; to which he later developed into his education at Princeton University.

He graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. He now is the owner of one of the most influential businesses in the world that the vast majority of us use probably a few times a month. Bezos now apparently rakes in around $4.5 million dollars per hour.

So, now you have seen how much you can make from having a very simple, average public school education, do you really think private school and career success is only for the rich and famous?


Hard work is the reason you reach success. The celebrities who studied at public schools used dedication to do better, to advance into high-quality private universities and did just as well as those who attended a private school from the beginning!