Novel predicted Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan 40 Years ago: Is it true?

With the increasing death tolls in China because of the Coronavirus outbreak, which already took about 1700 innocent people's lives, everyone is concerned about what will happen if they didn't find the vaccination sooner. The virus has been spread to over 25 Countries, being Wuhan, the province of China, the epicenter of Coronavirus, as portrayed in the novel too. Yes, you have read it right; the Wuhan virus was predicted in a book which was written 40 years ago, and this is today's latest national news that is news channels broadcasting worldwide.

Coronavirus Predicted 40 year ago today's latest news

Written by Dean Koontz, The Eyes of Darkness in 1981 doesn’t accurately state the prediction of Coronavirus. The news is spreading worldwide as a novel predicted about the virus about 40 years ago is neither entirely true nor we can say it is false. Some contemplated that the writer had predicted the future, and others say he just stated a human-made virus named Wuhan-400, which has nothing to do with Coronavirus. Fictions can be extremely strange at times, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are entirely false.

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A thriller novel which was written 40 years ago mentioned a virus named Wuhan-400, and everyone on the Internet is stumped by it. The book features a military lab in China’s province Wuhan where they create a virus to use it as a bioweapon. They named it Wuhan-400, and people are curious to know if it's a total coincidence or is related to something happening today. After an Indian Congress leader Manish Tewari shared the excerpts of a book about the Wuhan virus which was written 40 years ago, everyone on twitter is talking about the coincidence. He posted on his twitter handle a picture of the book with the caption "Is Coronavirus a biological Weapon developed by the Chinese called Wuhan -400? This book was published in 1981. Do read the excerpt".

More than 1700 people have died in China due to Coronavirus. However, it will shock you that this virus in Wuhan was written about 40 years ago in a book. Yes, it is true. People are debating on social media about the relevance and coincidence of this event. The person who bought this cryptic coincidence to light was Darren Plymouth via twitter, which bombarded social media with hefty comments and posts regarding it. Besides, it became the talk of the world and today's latest national news of every news channel. The user shared some phrases and cover of the book, sentences where it is clearly written about a human-made virus named Wuhan-400.

Just a passage made this book famous overnight and that too 40 years later it released. Its chapter 39 states some human-made virus, which was named Wuhan-400, because as it was 400th viable strain of human-made micro-organism created to date at that center in Wuhan. The precision in the novel is bothering many people around the globe, especially people in those 25 countries where the Coronavirus outbreak. It was created as a weapon in the 1981 novel in a laboratory in Wuhan and produced the same symptoms as Coronavirus. We all agree that fictions are strange sometimes, but most of the people are doubting Chinese citizens and assuming that this virus is emerged as a mistake instead of an accident. There are numerous facts to support this cause as a cartoon series named The Simpsons also have mentioned of Coronavirus in one of their episodes, which was aired back in 1993.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus leads to many suspicions, as even the Chinese failed to restrict its spread. If a virus spreads accidentally, there are several things to support the cause, and even health officials will be able to identify its emerging point and curb at its initial stage. But there are no traces of this outbreak that has taken thousands of lives in such a short period.

Besides, there are some people who are stating that this statement is forged, and the earlier version of this book has a weapon named Gorki-400, and the name changed to Wuhan-400 in 2008. Nobody is entirely sure about why this change occurred, but this is confirmed that it wasn’t predicted 40 years ago.

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