7 Awesome Medicinal benefits of Curry Leaves you did not know!

The majority of Indian households use Curry leaves in their kitchens to enhance the taste of food, but did you know that these curry leaves can also be used as an effective natural remedy as well? The reason is simple - they are also a medicinal herb widely used in Ayurveda for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and cardiac properties.
Medicinal benefits of Curry Leaves, Indian households use Curry leaves, natural remedy
Image by SIVA PRASAD from Pixabay

Therefore, We have singled out 7 top medicinal benefits of Curry leaves as herb essential for people seeking alternative natural therapy.

#1 Promotes Weight Loss by Increasing Metabolism

Do you like the aroma and taste of curry leaves in culinary? We bet you do! However, have you ever considered using it as a herb for weight loss? If you have not, now is the right time to include it into your fat-burning regime since curry leaves contain a compound that melts fat and boosts metabolism. Thus, it helps a lot with weight loss.

So, if you want to cut your fat, one simple way is to add curry leaves tea into your daily regime. It is no secret that taking 1 cup of curry leaf tea in an empty stomach in the morning not only greatly reduces weight, but also prevents several types of diseases including cholesterol.

All you need to do for this medicinal herbal tea is boil a cup of water in a pan with some curry leaves for a couple of minutes, after that filter, the leaves with a strainer, mix the water with lemon and honey and enjoy!

#2 Relieves Constipation

Another important medicinal benefit of curry leaves is its use in regulating the bowel movements and the cure of constipation. Besides, other gut-related problems like stomach pain, acidity, gas and bloating can also successfully be treated with herbal leaves.

In fact, Ayurveda advocates curry leaves for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems. The first and foremost reason for this is that these wonder leaves have laxative properties that loosen stool and regulates bowel movements providing relief in constipation.

You can make juice out of a bunch of curry leaves and add lime juice, and consume the mixture to cure indigestion. A paste made from the leaves can also be added to buttermilk and taken every morning on an empty stomach to serve the same function.

Our personal favorite remedy is juice or pastes made of curry leaves. Here, all you have to do is make a paste made from the leaves or juice of the medicinal leaves and add to the buttermilk before an intake. But remember, to get the maximum benefits to having it in an empty stomach half an hour before a meal.

#3 Makes Your Skin Beautiful

Do you want to improve the health of your skin? High chances you do! After all, who does not want to get a shining, young and silky smooth skin?

Again, Curry leaves can, not only be used to remove acne and blemishes but also, get a glowing skin.  Above all, it is loaded with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that regulate free radicals responsible for infections, damage and aging of the skin.

Our suggested herbal face cream for skin is made of a couple of curry leaves and turmeric powder. All you have to do is mix curry leaves paste with the paste of turmeric powder in equal proportion.  And that’s it! The paste can be applied as a natural cleanser to improve skin and cure for boils, pimples, acne and burn.

#4 Diabetes Control

Did you know that curry leaves can also be used as an anti-diabetic medication to regulate the level of sugar to a normal level? You heard it correct! In fact, a study by the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences has shown that curry leaves affect the working of insulin in the body which controls the level of sugar.  Strangely, in similar ways, the same herb can also reduce uric acid naturally by affecting creatinine and purine levels. In plain terms, these herbal leaves prevent unessential glucose amounts from entering the bloodstream after a diet.

Therefore, if you want to control your sugar level with curry leaves or to keep type-2 diabetes at bay, one simple dietary remedy is to consume herbal tea made of the leaves of curry. Alternatively, you can consume at least 10 raw leaves of the curry plant for 3-months. Even better! You can shred the leaves and spread it over the green salad to make the consumption easier.

#5 Strengthens The Immune System

Are you vulnerable to the changing weather? That is a low body immunity!

You might be surprised to know that curry leaves are enriched with immunity booster nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C and B12. On top of it, essential body minerals like iron and calcium are present in these wonder leaves.

Apart from that, these leaves are also a great source of iron and calcium. Moreover, adding curry leaves to your daily diet can prevent several deficiencies and strengthen your immunity naturally.
The top herbal medicinal remedy is to switch to herbal tea made from curry leaves. This simple change in your intake regime will not only make your immune system stronger but also make you more energetic.

#6 Body Detoxification

Do you want to remove toxins and other unwanted substances from the body through herbal home remedies? We believe you do! After all, health is wealth and we all look for optimum health for a happy life. Now, the liver is our body’s natural detoxifier, curry leaves keep the liver healthy and prevent it from infections and cirrhosis. Consequently, a healthy liver flushes out toxins and absorbs maximum nutrient value from ingested food.

Looking for our herbal recipe again? The first one is our old friend – herbal tea from curry leaves. Another one is 1 cup juice made of curry leaves and mixed with 1 teaspoon heated clarified butter(ghee). For taste, add some sugar and pepper powder. Before taking the juice, heat it mildly for the best benefits.

#7 Reduce Fatigue and Stress

Do you often feel tired and stressed out? There is hardly any person in today's life who is not troubled by stress or fatigue. Normally, it may be due to a lack of oxygen in your blood! However, you can use curry leaves to cure this anemic condition. In fact, curry leaves being rich in folic acid replenishes the RBC and hemoglobin deficiency levels in your body. Hence, tiredness, constant fatigue, sleeplessness and consequent stress is removed. In low energy conditions, 1 single cup of tea from curry leaves can reduce your fatigue and stress in minutes.