Top London Attractions to Cheer You Up During Covid-19

Covid’19 is without a doubt probably the toughest time for many people. It has left people not only sick and gasping for air but it has also left people sad and depressed. To stop the spread of the virus, many countries went on a complete lockdown so that people could be saved from contracting the virus. In such testing times, a large population has lost its jobs. Many people are struggling and in simple words, it has been chaotic. Many students have also faced a lot of problems as they did not have the means to complete their coursework such as dissertations. In such cases, it is a good option to take help from dissertation writers in the UK. They can help you complete your dissertations if you don’t have the resources to do it on your own. It is important to help each other at such times as we have nothing but community left. Students and even other people stranded in London can wander in the city and go to all the major attractions. This will help you cheer up and forget about the misery Covid’19 has brought.

Top London Attractions

If you are new to the city and don’t know much about the major attractions, here is a list to help you decide where you want to go and have a good time! 

1. Covet Garden

This is a very popular tourist destination. Many tourists come here to have a relaxing time. They can find numerous shops, cafes and other amenities to enjoy. The complete area was previously famous for the fruit and vegetable shops. But now it has evolved into a modern market place. If you feel that a little bit of retail therapy would do you good, then, by all means, you should visit this place.

2. Daunt Bookshop

Are you an avid reader? This is the perfect place for you. If you have been under lockdown, chances are you have completed all the books you own and are in desperate need of new reading material. Daunt bookshop is a sight for sore eyes. Other than the books, the shop itself has so much character. You will lose yourself in its oak flooring and tainted windows. The most peculiar thing about this book shop is that the books here are not arranged as per the genre but they are arranged according to the country they belong to. This can be a very exciting experience for many as you will be able to explore different countries through the literature.

3. Borough Market 

Borough Market gives London its culture. It is one of the oldest food markets in the city. It dates back to the amazing 13th Century! If you want to treat yourself to some British delicacies, this is the place for you. Here you can find, cakes, pies, puddings and oh so much more! If you are away from home and miss your mum’s cooking, the Borough market will help you ease the pain.

4. Hamley’s Toy Store

Hamley’s toy store is another attraction in London that has existed since forever. The Hamley’s toy store was first opened in 1760. You can find every toy under the sun, here in this 6 story toy shop. If you have children of your own or even younger siblings, this is a great place to buy toys for them. You can even get yourself a stuffed toy to share the hard times by.

5. British Library

The British Library is the largest in the world! If you are feeling low and would love a breath of fresh air, go to the British Library. Browse through all the books and you won’t remember a single thing. It will be like you are lost in a sea of books. You can also visit all the exhibition rooms and explore them.

6. Platform 9 ¾  Kings Cross 

Potterheads Listen Up! Don’t be gloomy, head over to Platform 9 ¾! For those who don’t know, this place is a representation of the actual train station in the fiction book Harry Potter. Through this platform, Harry the main character is able to access the train to Hogwarts. The exciting thing about this platform is that there is a trolley full of luggage and an owl cage jammed into the wall. The trolley is very similar to that of Harry Potter. You can visit this place and remember the marvelous story and characters of The Harry Potter Book series.

7. London Wall 

London's wall is also very important to the history of London. It was built by the Romans in the second or the third century, the whole street connected to the wall is called the London wall. It was built in connection to the port of Londinium near the river Thames.

8. Speaker’s Corner 

Ah yes, the infamous Speaker’s corner. This is a corner situated in Hyde Park. The reason why this corner made the list was that it is solely dedicated to public speaking. There are no restrictions as to who can deliver a speech in this corner. It can be anyone! However, you must maintain decorum and address the audience in a non-violent manner. This is the true practice of free speech. If you feel bored cooped up in your room, head over to Speaker’s corner. You’ll surely be entertained and that’s a promise.

9. Buckingham Palace 

If you are new to London and with the virus, you have a lot of time on your hands. You can go over to the Buckingham palace and first watch the changing of the guard ceremony. This ceremony happens every alternate day between the timings of 11:30 to 12:15. It is surely very entertaining. It is indeed very dramatic, lots of people come over the watch the change of guards. Here the guards get replaced by new ones.

10. National Gallery

Do you have an eye for art? Go to the national gallery and you will get to see art in all shapes and forms. You can easily spend the whole day gazing at the setups and imagining what must’ve been the thought process behind the painting.

11. Science Museum 

The Science Museum is truly a place of wonder. You can take your children here and they will deeply enjoy all the displays. It is open every day so you don’t have to wait a specific day to go and enjoy all the bizarre displays such as the seven-toed cat. You can also look at all the space-related exhibitions if you are interested. 

There are several more attractions in the city. You don’t have to feel low, pack a picnic basket and plan a day out with your friends. We understand that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep your spirits up but it is what you must do to stay cheerful. Don’t worry about yourself and ask for help. Talk to your friends over a phone call if you can’t go out to meet them. Let dissertation writers help you with your dissertations so that you don’t have to worry about them. 

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Jade Wyatt is a travel enthusiast and has explored every nook and cranny in the city of London. She is on a mission to help people cope with hard times and comes up with such guides every now and then as a service to Londoners.