Creative Acrylic: Guide to creating Tik Tok videos

Tik Tok has the ability to place your content on the feeds of more people than any other social media app. This potential to reach millions of people makes Tik Tok an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. While Tik Tok may not be the most suitable platform for your goals, this significant reach is helpful in referring people to your additional platforms such as your website, blog or Instagram. 

Guide to creating Tik Tok videos

The rise of Tik Tok occurred throughout global Covid lockdowns. Without these unprecedented times, it’s likely that Tik Tok would simply not have gained the same level of traction. While everyone was trapped at home, Tik Tok was the first platform designed for fun, informative or trending videos that didn’t require expensive equipment and specialist editing, like that of Youtube.

This new, revolutionary form of entertainment sparked 315 app downloads within four months - more downloads than any other social media platform in the given time ever. 

The key difference of Tik Tok's algorithm is also the key benefit. The For You Page entails videos of not just videos from people you follow, but primarily from those that you don’t follow. These videos are either generally trending or directly targeted to you based on prior styles of videos, hashtags or trends you have liked. For this reason, in order for you to be placed on more feeds, there are set tips and tricks that directly get you there, such as following trends and strategically using songs and hashtags. 

Tik Tok can be hard to understand in the initial stages, however, this guide will help you on the road to millions of views. Let’s get your videos trending. 

Analyzing your For You Page and Trends

Trends are most likely to go viral. This is due to the fact that the Tik Tok algorithm registers those videos that users respond to and then rewards creators who replicate these styles of videos by placing them on more users For You Page’s. Therefore, if an idea is already trending, in order for you to gain similar traction, you should create your version, using the same song and hashtags. 

Keep up with the times by scrolling through your For You Page at least three times a week. This is how fast trends go viral and you will find there will be multiple songs and corresponding video ideas with these songs that appear frequently on your feed. Follow popular Tik Tokers as well as highly followed businesses. These stars’ careers are based on following trends so rest assured you will be made aware of popular trending videos by following along. 

An additional route to by step scrolling is clicking into the "discover" page which you can find at the bottom of your screen on the For You Page on your phone app. This will reveal the trending songs and hashtags. It’s recommended to scroll through this if you already have footage you have filmed. In this manner, you can see which trends can easily be incorporated into your footage. 

How to Create Viral Tik Tok Videos

Those videos that are likely to go viral are those that follow trends. The key is to make these trends your own by creating your own unique twist. Whether you are creating Tik Tok videos for your own business, workplace or personal brand, you will benefit from following similar accounts to yours as inspiration. If you’re a candle business, following additional businesses will be of significant guidance. 

In addition to trends, you can repurpose existing footage where you may have filmed informative processes, entertaining slip-ups or aesthetically pleasing shots. These are the additional styles that gain traction. With existing footage, whether that’s a road trip you filmed, a makeup video or a candle-making process, you can click add a song then choose "Viral Song" and pick the highest trending song suitable to your video.

Strategically choose trending hashtags

When it comes to hashtags, it’s simple - strategically choosing those that are trending is the key ingredient for the algorithm to register your video style is of interest to mass audiences. Your video will therefore reach larger audiences. Use hashtags that are trending in the Discover tab, as well as other related hashtags. Click into the videos that use the trending hashtag of choice and see the additional hashtags they use. When you are typing your caption, use these exact hashtags, as well as an experiment by typing broad hashtags. Use the ones that have the highest video numbers to the right of each hashtag. Always add one or more of these - #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trend #viral in order to increase your chances of landing on the For You Page.

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