Start a Fitness Plan Over Your 40’s - Simple Tips Tricks

Physical fitness over 40's and is very important in terms of preventing heart conditions, chronic diseases, and frailty among many other health problems.

According to research, regular exercise for individuals over 40 can prevent health problems such as osteoporosis. Regular exercise can also help reduce chances of getting dementia among other diseases.

You don’t need to need to follow highly professional model diet plan or hard exercise to maintain your health, just follow these simple tip and fitness plan to make you feel like model at 40’s.
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Steps on how to start a fitness plan over 40
1. Setting goals:
This is the first step towards starting an over 40 fitness plan. You must first of all determine what kinds of fitness goals you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them.

For instance, you have to determine whether you want to; become stronger, lose weight, improve your health e.t.c. Goals are very important because they give you something to start working on. You can't start a fitness plan without setting goals.

2. Consult your doctor:
This is the next step to follow when starting a fitness plan over 40. It is important to note that the older you are, the higher the risks of having medical conditions.

You must therefore consult your doctor first to make sure that your fitness goals are achievable given your current health status.

There are some fitness goals i.e. becoming stronger that can be dangerous to individuals past 40 with medical conditions such as heart disease.

It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor first to get a full health check up to avoid medical complications.

3. Consult or hire a fitness expert:
After consulting your doctor and getting a full health checkup, the next step is consulting or hiring a fitness expert.

Your doctor may be able to recommend healthy exercises/routines however a fitness expert is in a better position to customize a fitness plan for you.

Fitness experts are aware of all the appropriate fitness exercises and routines that are suitable for individuals of all ages i.e. over 40.

They can therefore be relied upon to customize a fitness plan that is in line with your age and unique goals. Fitness experts are also beneficial because they can offer support and advice until you achieve your over 40 fitness goals.
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4. My Fitness Plan Getting Started
After consulting or hiring a fitness expert, the next step is drafting your fitness routine. The best fitness routine starts with slow less strenuous exercises i.e. brisk walking and then proceeds to more vigorous exercises  i.e. jogging, skipping, cycling , Swimming Exercises  e.t.c.

Your fitness routine should also include challenges i.e. if your plan is to start walking; you must track your time and try to improve it every time. This should be captured in your draft fitness routine.

A good fitness plan must include three kinds of activities namely: strength training (targeted at muscles to prevent muscle loss common over 40), cardiovascular or aerobic exercise (targeted at the heart) and flexibility training/exercises (for preserving balance and keeping you limber).

Examples of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise that must be included in the fitness routine/plan include; cycling, jogging, swimming and brisk walking.

5. Easy Fitness Program
A typical fitness plan should include; at least three days of cardiovascular exercises or aerobic exercises i.e. 30 minutes of brisk walking daily for three days a week.

The fitness plan should also include at least a day of strength/weight training. The plan must also include at least a day of rest and flexibility training.

Such a fitness plan will be effective for starters for about a month or two. The fitness plan should then progress to include moderate exercise i.e. 25 minutes jogging daily at least three times a week.

There should also be a day of rest and strength training. Such a fitness plan will be effective in for another few months i.e. 3 months.

You can then proceed on increasing the time allocated for each exercise and also increase the intensity. The final Weekly Fitness Plan must however be approved by your doctor or fitness expert before you start.

The resulting fitness plan should help you kick start your over 40 fitness plan. It is important to put activities that you enjoy doing in your fitness plan to increase your chances of sticking to your fitness plan.

You must also try to stay consistent and focused by reviewing your goals frequently. With that in place, you should be able to start your fitness plan over 40.

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