Renovation Ideas: How to Achieve a Modern Farmhouse

These days, the modern farmhouse look is becoming quite popular. It combines the clean and sleek finish of modern designs with the classic wood look. The farmhouse look sports a more natural color scheme. It gives homes that casual and comfortable vibe - no wonder it’s so popular!

Using modern farmhouse decors in your home offers several benefits too. It's a cozy style that creates a more relaxing atmosphere, which means a more stress-free living space for you and your family. A modern farmhouse look is usually characterized by quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, subway tiles, rustic wide plank wood flooring, and reclaimed wood.

This is the perfect case of 'opposites attract'. When combined, these contrasting styles create a warm clean, and vintage feel for homes. Definitely, it's a style that will stick around for many years.
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Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay

The Modern Farmhouse

A modern farmhouse look combines classic farmhouse designs with sleek modern accents. To achieve a modern farmhouse look, here are some areas you can play around with.

Exposed Beams

Draw eyes to a single focal point in your home with exposed beams. Exposed beams bring warmth to any space and add character. If you have a double-height ceiling or cathedral, these beams are a great addition as well. Exposed beams connect all elements in the room and give it unique design details.

If you have an all-white space, use reclaimed wood beams to break the monotony.

Barn Doors

Nothing says farmhouse better than barn doors. These add that 'wow' factor and are great space-savers. These are relatively inexpensive and available in a variety of styles and colors.

Use light neutral paint color for a clean and fresh look or go rustic and raw by going with a reclaimed wood door.

Wide Plank Wood Floor Boards 

Wide plank boards give that “old world” charm, which makes the perfect piece to complement your modern farmhouse look. It also makes the room look and feels larger. If you’re having issues with squeaky floors, wide plank wood also creates a wider surface area distributing the weight on a noisy subfloor. Thus, no more squeaky floors!

Use Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood adds that rustic charm to a sleek modern backdrop. If you’re environmentally conscious, it’s also the best choice. Not only does it reduce the number of trees used for furniture production, but the timber used may otherwise have been burned or put into land-fill.

Use it for your light fixtures, walls or furniture pieces.

Graphic Tiles

Add some fun in your design with graphic ceramic tiles. These tiles are known for their definitive angles, geometric patterns and captivating color combinations that would truly make your floors stand out.

Barn Lighting

Lighting sets mood and style for any space so make sure you look for lighting that has that vintage appeal. A bell-shaped pendant light in metal with a slightly weathered finish is a good choice for any modern designed space.

To achieve a warm and cozy farmhouse vibe, look for lighting with the combination of metal, glass and reclaimed wood.
barn lighting, metal lighting, vintage barn lighting, modern barn lighting
Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

Shiplap boards add texture. Originally, these are made to insulate interiors. Today, it's used by interior designers to add accents to a modern farmhouse style home.

Shiplap is great since it creates texture in a subtle, non-fussy way. It adds warmth to a cold space. I painted white, shiplap creates clean lines and make a vintage feel space look more modern.

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Shaker style cabinets are a classic design that will stay in style for years to come. It’s very durable and long-lasting.

This style of cabinets do so well in a farmhouse kitchen. It’s a great backdrop for showcasing more stylish hardware.

Apron Sink

The apron sink has evolved into a more modern look with clean lines. It gives that “utility feel” to any kitchen as it’s often deeper and wider than traditional sinks.

The apron sink is available in a variety of fun finishes including copper, stainless steel, and classic porcelain.

These are just some of the ideas you can integrate into your home to achieve that modern farmhouse look. Look into magazines and interior design blogs for more ideas on how to decorate your space.