Amid Coronavirus Punjab Extends Curfew Till May 17

In these challenging times of COVID-19, every country is putting restrictions on certain activities in public and promoting social distancing. The strictness of the restrictions depends upon the severity or number of cases in that particular area. To make this a bit easier, the Indian government categorized cities and states in three zones: green, red, and orange zones. When many people were waiting for the curfew to end on May 3 in Punjab, government officials announced today's top news in Punjabi about lockdown extension. With a relaxation of four hours every day from 7 AM to 11 AM, Punjab has extended the curfew in the state for more than two weeks.
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On Wednesday, The CM Amarinder Singh said about the extension which had clamped the curfew till May 3 in Punjab. So far, Punjab has recorded around 19 deaths, and 322 confirmed cases amid Coronavirus. The whole country is reeling from the Coronavirus crisis, and the vulnerable segments are at the most prominent risk. The residents would be allowed to step out of their homes every morning from 7 to 11, said Amarinder Singh. Addressing the state, he further said, the shops would be allowed to open and other industries to function normally during the relaxation period.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, shops and stores offering essential administrations and products will likewise be permitted to work - following the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) rules. Local people would be allowed to move out of their homes during the four hours when the time limit isn't set up, Singh said. Lockdown will be lifted from 7 AM to 11 AM each day; during this time, individuals can come out of their homes, and shops will be opening. Likewise, we have chosen to broaden the time limit in the state by two additional weeks," the Punjab CM said in a video proclamation gave by him today.

Punjab was the primary Indian state to authoritatively declare an augmentation in the lockdown time frame past May 3 - the date when the Center-forced across the country shutdown is planned to end. Singh has been persistently keeping up limitations to check the transmission pace of COVID-19. Besides, people are also requested to get information from reliable sources, for staying updated about today's top news in Punjabi.

There are around 3000 units in Punjab who have resumed the work out of 2.52 Lakhs industrial units so far. Some further decisions will be taken after two weeks, depending on the situation. He further said, Coronavirus is spreading around the world, and it's only solution is social distancing. We have to take a call if things don't get under control in these two weeks. People are requested to return to their home at 11 AM every day and try to be disciplined. If the government has allowed the 4 hours relaxation, that does not mean you can call your friends and relatives at home. Social distancing must be practice like it used to be to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Many of the residents of Punjab were stranded in other parts of the country, and they were brought back a few days ago. All the stranded ones were put under a 21-day quarantine. In a presentation given Monday on a Video-conference with the Prime minister and other Chief Ministers, in which it was shown how Punjab fares are poorly compared to the other states. One of the cities in Punjab named Ludhiana has the highest fatality rate, with a 25% fatality rate. On Tuesday, Amarinder Singh had a meeting with Punjab's Congress MLAs discussing Coronavirus fightback and certain relaxations and restrictions to be levied on the state.

The Lockdown will lift on 17 May or not will depend on the cases in the state, till then everyone should stay calm, maintain social distance, and do their bit to curb the spread of the virus and for more information about today’s top news in Punjabi browse more.

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