Which Ads Work Best For My Business Marketing- Instagram Or Facebook Ads?

Both Facebook and Instagram dominate the world of social media with their enormous user base. Many businesses and brands use to be bewildered in choosing the one that suits best for them among these two platforms. Both social platforms have their very own unique features. So, once you had an in-depth knowledge of these features, you could easily choose the one that works best for your brand.

Here we bring out some insights that could help you in making a better decision.


Before going with any social platform, the primary duty one must do is whether the platform has its target audience. Once you spot the social platform where the majority of your target audience exists, things will get easier for you. Hence, you can frame the strategy for that specific social platform and grab the attention of your prospects. Though Facebook and Instagram are the home to the majority of social media users, there is a notable difference in the demographics of these social platforms. There were times when Facebook is the only option to promote a business due to the diverse and enormous user base. But, today, especially in the last five years, many social platforms were introduced and become hit. However, Facebook and Instagram remain to be the most preferred platform due to its vast user base. Recently, Facebook reached 3 billion users the highest among all the social platforms, followed by Instagram with one billion users.

Having 3 billion users doesn't mean that Facebook is the opt platform to promote your business. 52% of users on Facebook are Generation Z, whereas the percentage stands at 72% on Instagram. So, if your target audience is Generation Z, Instagram works best for you. If you want to take your brand to Millenials, go with Facebook, the platform with 79% Millennials. For Instagram, the percentage stands at 67. As most businesses revolve around Generation Z and Millennials, brands will prioritize the platform that has most of their target audience. Hence, the user demographics presented by me will help you to move one step closer to choosing the right platform for your business.

Craft Your Content:

Both Facebook and Instagram have their very own characteristics. So, frame your content that could align with the nature of the platform. For instance, Instagram is a visually dominant platform where you could find millions of pictures and videos. Moreover, the dominant age group on this platform, who are between 13-17 years old, also prefer the same as they could easily be driven by picturesque content. So, if you are choosing Instagram as your marketing platform, ensure the advertisements you rollout are visually appealing. Craft visual-centric ads for Instagram to grab the attention of the prospects easily. A large number of cosmetics and apparel brands have their presence on Instagram as the female userbase is higher than that of Male. These brands come up with various color combinations and filters to amplify the quality of their promotional images. So, give more importance to visuals if you have chosen Instagram as your social marketing platform.

Millennials and above are the people who largely surf on Facebook. Content that is more informative works best on this platform. News articles, case studies, and blogs work well on Facebook. So, if you are looking to educate your audience and share a piece of knowledge, Facebook works best for it. You could also easily generate traffic to your website using Facebook as you could embed links at the top of your posts. Following such a measure will enhance the visibility of the website link and could drive people to land on your website. So, if you go with Facebook, try to add more key information about your product in the advertisements, which will help you largely in converting the prospects into customers. Add key values of making use of your service, which will convince people to go with you.

Small And Medium Scale Businesses:

Today, businesses of all ranges are looking to uplift their business through social media marketing. If you come under such a category, try running small budget ads on your desired platform. The performance of the ads will give deep insights into the areas where you can re-model your strategy. Take advantage of Trollishly as it drives many potential followers to you.

Bottom Line:

The above-given insights will give you more in-depth knowledge about the characteristics of both the major social platforms. So, choose the platform that suits best for you and enhance your social sales.


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