Mobile Apps Vs Websites: Which Should Be Your Priority

At the current market scenario, this is one of the million dollar questions that pop-ups in every entrepreneurs’ mind that what should they go with, in order to take their business to a new level, a mobile app or a website? Many people get stranded when they are about to choose an option and they are taking the much longer time to get out of this dilemma. According to the various global statistical data, Smartphones have taken an upper hand over the desktop and laptop computers that show mobile apps are playing a vital role.
Ask these 10 questions to yourself to figure out which you should opt for. Do you want to reach more customers? If your answer is yes, then go for the websites, as the global statistical data shows that most of the users are feeling that the accessibility to the services is easy in a website over a mobile application. Around 21% of web traffic hits the servers from the mobile phones and the rest are used from desktop and laptop devices. So in order to reach a lo…
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