Top 11 Super-Food for Strong Bones and Healthy Joints

Strong bones play a massive role in our body. It helps with improving our appearance and keeps the youth intact along with providing strength, balance, and support. It acts as a protector of our internal organs. Thus, it's imperative to keep our bones in proper shape as they are the backbone for our bone, quite literally!

Along with physical exercise, there are various types of food for bone health. An adult requires about 70mg of calcium per day. It is essential to get proper nutrition (calcium, vitamin D) during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as, by the age of 30, a person achieves peak bone mass. If the bone mass is not adequate, bone loss may occur in later life that leads to problems like rickets, osteoporosis, and increased risk of developing fragile bones. While calcium helps with providing support and strength to bones, vitamin D helps with calcium absorption and bone growth.
Food sources for strong bones include:Milk and other milk products - One of the most signif…
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