Top Five Schools To Get A Free College Education

The costs of education are constantly on an upward trajectory. Harvard University has recently conducted a study which reveals that, compared to other developed countries, the drop out ratio in American college students, owing to escalating unaffordable cost, is much higher. This shameful state of affairs in a country like USA speaks volume of planner’s failure in providing education to all segments of American society. Tuition free schools are not 100% free as most of these charge for housing, meals and college supplies. Many schools make it mandatory for tuition-free students to have jobs either in college campus or in communities. These arrangements however assist needy students immensely without hurting their self esteem.

A lamenting fact is that college costs have risen at a higher than inflation rate for decades. The more serious issue is the debt trap many students find themselves in after graduation. Surprisingly the American system encourages students to take whatever loan th…
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