Most Interesting Facts about Instagram

Even before Instagram happened, people used to take photos in plenty. And they even shared picks with relish. But yes, this photo-sharing platform has taken the world by storm and changed the way we post snaps on the social network. It has come with colourful filters and easy sharing option which has taken our photo-sharing addiction to an altogether new level.

Today, Instagram is easily among the most popular social platforms where millions use it to share holiday photos and every other snap-worthy of a share. Since its launch in the way back in 2010, and the legendary acquisition by Facebook in 2012, this app or network has grown at a spectacular rate with no signs of stopping.

Naturally, Instagram has seen a lot of progress in its near-a-decade long journey, so facts and stats are obvious to tag along. To know it better, you should first understand those facts as it will help grasp its enormity easily.
Here are some of the most interesting facts or statistics about Instagram -  1. …
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