Five Hormones That are Crucial for Your Health

You heard that hormones are important for your body, but did you know why? Hormones act as messengers that endocrine system sends to organs and tissues to ensure their optimal function.
It depends on the type of hormones, but they affect everything from your mood and sexual function to metabolism and muscle development. If you manage to keep them in balance, you will ensure that your body functions work properly. Here is a list of five hormones that are crucial for your health.
Testosterone You probably know of testosterone as it is a crucial hormone to optimize weight and boost muscle strength and mass. However, testosterone affects your health in multiple other ways, too. It affects your libido and sperm production, boosts hair volume and bone density, and assist your body in burning fat efficiently.

Although we usually tie testosterone to men, females have this hormone, too. Natural testosterone production drops over time. That starts happening at around 30 years old, and it can be…
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