Vinyasa Yoga Physical and Emotional Benefits

With the evolution of the ancient art of yoga, it branched out into several variations. Vinyasa yoga is one of them and emphasizes on rhythmic breathing while switching poses. "Inhale, exhale and inhale again," is the repetitive phrase you’ll hear during your whole vinyasa class. Roughly translated, the word Vinyasa means "an arrangement of something in a special way." In this case, things are yoga poses.
The traditional yoga practice differs from Vinyasa in the flow of the body between different poses. You hold each pose for a maximum of ten to twenty-seconds and move on to the next one while coordinating your breath. Even though twenty may seem like a short time window to hold a particular pose, the benefits of vinyasa yoga are tremendous. Read on to find how beneficial it can be, both physically and emotionally.
Physical benefits of vinyasa yoga Typically, you should hold each yoga pose for ten to twelve breaths, stretching it all the way to three minutes to gai…
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